09 April 2008

Steps in the journey

Well, the word is out that I need a place to stay. Most surprisingly, I have been asking for help. I have had several offers of guest rooms, couches, and one friend offered me her house for the month as she spends May up in Philly with her sister.

God has been so good to help me find peace in all of this. Once again I am reminded of wisdom from both of my Fathers. My Heavenly father and my dad have both taught me much. My Daddy has told me more than once; and if you are a father you will understand why repetition is necessary; "God calls us to obedience, not results."

A dear friend put out a call for help on my behalf. She knows I have difficulty with this. She will be surprised and glad to know I have set aside my reluctance because I know it is an affront to my Lord. It may have taken me years to learn this but I am finally coming around. You see both of my Fathers have had to repeat many lessons for me.

My co-workers saved me some great boxes and I am using them today to get the packing started. I saw a few apartments on Sunday and have appointments tomorrow for more. Everyone I know is calling all their friends to see if anyone has a garage apartment available.

I'll keep you up-to-date with the steps on this journey here.

Thanks for your prayers,


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