10 November 2004

Let your love be known

Last week was my father's birthday. I called to give my wishes and sing a song. It's just something we do in my family no matter how old you become. This year when I turned 43 my parents called and sang to me. It's a silly but important ritual to the day.

Rituals can be comforting. While all the world is changing around us it is good to have some things that will always be the same. The ritual itself is not anything special, what's special is the love that accompanies it. I don't place much importance on the tradition, I do on the love it shows.

Too many times with our family and friends we forget to let them know we care for them. We assume they know we cherish them. If there is only one thing I have learned in my life it is to let those you care about know how much you do care for them.

Tonight I spent some time with my favorite songbirds. I told them a story of a girl who would always let those close to her know she loved them. The story explained all those she loved were happy to know of her love, and the happiness it brought her. We talked about the many ways to show and to tell loved ones they are loved. I used the example of calling my dad last week to sing a song over the phone. This led to them wanting to do the same. Daddy wasn't answering the phone just then so we did the next best thing and you can find it in the entry below.

Sing a song of birthdays

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