22 January 2015

I'm late, I'm late........for everything!

I am behind in my correspondence, the few Christmas decorations I set out need to be put away, my suitcase is still on the floor of my closet, and my poinsettia  is nearly dead. Only 22 days into the new year and I've been playing catchup the entire time. 

Everywhere I turn there is someone needing prayer. So it looks like this will be my meditation for 2015

Forever friends

Sisters, the best forever friends.  Who else can you call anytime day or night when you need someone to listen. Someone to let you know you are loved. Someone who will join you in prayer for that which prompted the call in the first  place. Thank you God!

17 January 2015

The birth of a bibliophile!

Got lost in my childhood when I was meant to be dusting the bookcase! Funny how even at 53 whenever I open this book I can still hear the voice of my mother reading me this story.  Her sound effects had more whimsy than dad's. His were louder and carried more energy! Both made me feel so loved as they gave many memories to me! I'm certain this is where my love of reading began!

04 January 2015

Miles to go!

Much of my father's "career" as a Pastor has consisted of him arising early on Sunday mornings and traveling throughout West Texas to preach in small churches.  Sometimes twice in one morning. He has logged thousands of miles & triumphed over bad storms,  mechanical failures, and flat tires.  So it is with a grateful heart I thank God for his "new-to-him" car! This morning he hit the road once again. I'm thankful for the care and protection in which my Heavenly Father has held my Daddy!