13 March 2005

Blogger Hell

Well I have been trying for three hours to post photos of my niece to celebrate her birthday yesterday and have finally given up. They are on the other site but posted on the wrong date. The editing abilities of blogger this past week have been lousy or non-existent.

Had a great time with two of my nieces on Friday night. We had pizza, popcorn and candy. We played "Sorry", watched flicks and laughed a lot. I got some good pics and when I find myself rescued from blogger hell I will get them out for you to see.

Need to go to bed now so that I can make it to church tomorrow. At least I can rest assured I won't ever have to go to the original hell.

08 March 2005

Aunt Carol

Today is my Aunt Carol's birthday!

She's taught me about strength, honor, music and friendship. To some it seems weird that in addition to being my aunt she has a place in my circle of friends. She and I talk often and I love that I don't need to edit what I say to her. You know, the way you sometimes do when conversing cross-generationally. She knows about the world I live in because she's right there with me.

So today and everyday I thank God for an aunt who loves me as much as I love her.

Pause for prayer

As I have mentioned previously, I am currently praying for a friend at work as he and his wife are trying to start a family. Right now they are walking on eggshells to see if the latest attempt worked.

Please take a moment to add them to your prayers.


05 March 2005

Garlic: it's many uses

Garlic is good for your health.

It has antibacterial properties.

It is reputed to be a blood purifier.

It has a lowering effect on blood pressure.

It has had some success in reducing symptoms of auto-immune diseases.

This week I have learned of perhaps it's most potent properties.

It was triumphantly used to break a dear child of her chupa habit. For those that don't know a chupa is a pacifier a.k.a. a dummy or binky.

Just the mere taste of the garlic was not enough to cause her to cast away her bedtime favorite. One night she held on to it in a gladware container. Then the next day she threw the container and the chupa in the trash.

What will be useful to her later in life is the knowledge that she could effect a change with her own determination. That same determination which caused her to hang on to the chupa until this point will also serve her well later.

The next time I find myself facing a disagreeable task or needing to make a change, I will think of the courage shown by this little child. If one so young can be brave enough to face it, I should be as well.

02 March 2005

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Theodor Suess Geisel, more commonly known as Dr. Suess was born today.

Anyone my age or younger can recite at least two or three lines from one of his books.

Green eggs and ham were offered in a box, with a fox, in a house, with a mouse, in the rain, on the train, with a goat , and on a boat.

Dr. Suess caused us to look at language in new ways as he invented words and manipulated rhythms. Buried within the lyrics he wrote were simple life lessons.

How do we know we don't like green eggs and ham unless we try them? What can we think if we really try? Is it alright to dislike someone just because they have a star on their belly? Can you celebrate Christmas without all the gifts?

What's your favorite Suess book? I'm torn between several. Don't know if I could pick just one.