28 November 2008


Knowing I would be spending many hours in the car this week, I decided to spend the time focusing on things to be thankful for.
  • Family who all changed their plans so that Thanksgiving celebrations would be scheduled when I could be there.
  • Rejoicing in the things that bring us together rather than focusing on the things that separate us
  • God's generosity in gifting me with family and friends who know all about me and love me anyway.
  • An Aunt who got in the car at the last minute to bring my Uncle to join us for a few hours before driving the 90 miles back home.
  • Nieces and nephews who were willing to spend their time with me.
  • Many miles traveled safely by several of us
  • His love which makes every day something to be grateful for.
Thankful for many blessings,


20 November 2008

my life is one of those "You had to be there" jokes.

When I saw this facebook flair I knew it was for me. Anyone who has read this blog over the years should be able to recall many moments which fit this piece. The attack of the glycerin soap, getting stuck in my own car, numerous road altercations, being pulled over by the cops after inputting my plates wrong and the latest occurrence from this afternoon.

When I came home the other night there was only one very tight spot open to park. Unfortunately it had speed bump right in the middle. Evidently when I was maneuvering in position, the speed bump knocked loose one of the coverings under the car. I noticed it yesterday when I went out for my walk. I talked to my favorite car care center and they told me it would be alright for me to just remove the piece. I decided to wait until today to try it as I wasn't moving all that well yesterday.

Toolbox at the ready I made my way out to fix the problem this afternoon. If anyone had been around with a video camera you would know just how funny this was. Imagine a short lady with short arms, a cane and a toolbox laying in the street half under a car. After many convolutions and several different approaches, I realized this was not going as I hoped. I was unable to get the last remaining bolt loose. I took a break and came back into the apartment for some water and a call to my dad. After consulting with him I decided to leave the hardware in place and just cut through the liner. I headed back out again this time armed with utility scissors. I got under the car and began cutting when I heard a little girl yell for her mom. Soon they both came running to look under the car and see what was up. The little girl had told her it looked like someone had a car parked on them. When her mom looked over and could only see my legs and my cane off to the side she came running. I thanked the little one for caring enough about a stranger to get help and told her mother she was doing a good job raising her. They stayed with me while I finished cutting the liner loose and helped me get back out from underneath the car. By this time we were all laughing and joking around. As I walked back across the street I knew I had once again made a new friend in totally bizarre situation. That's when I thought this flair should title this post.

Glad to be a punchline,


19 November 2008

Why the WWJD motto doesn't work

Whether the phrase has you recalling Charles Sheldon's book from the 1890s or the fad of the 1990s, asking yourself "What would Jesus do?" does not work. Jesus could do what He did because of how He lived. If you want to do what Jesus would do, you must first live as He lived. In order to be like Christ, you must do the things He did.

He talked often with His Father, real conversation spent listening to what His Father had to say. He spent time in silence and solitude to ponder His Father's words. He fasted to give Himself the time and focus He needed. He knew that these things would gift Him with what was necessary for Him to achieve God's will for His life. It is the same for us.

My salvation is a gift of God's grace. How I live in that grace is up to me. I can choose to struggle on my own to achieve God's will for my life, or I can make use of the same tools Christ used to equip Himself. I've tried doing it my way, behaving as I thought a Christian ought, knowing all the right things to say, sharing my pale imitation of God's love with others. It wasn't until I realized if I wanted to be like Christ, I would have to live like Christ. As someone who has lived both ways I have to tell you there is nothing better than living the life He modeled.

Life becomes much easier when you realize God will gift you with the things you need to accomplish His plans if you only seek them. You can share God's love fully if you are totally connected to Him. So if you want to ask yourself WWJD, first live as Jesus lived. Ask yourself do you only worship Him, or do you follow Him as well?

Thankful for the role model,

Imitatio Christi,


10 November 2008

More hope for Star of Hope

I am still seeking ideas for increasing the money I have to give to the Star of Hope. Most suggestions are for a bake sale. I think the message there is people admire my baking skills more than my financial skills. I would have to agree with that sentiment.

I have been recruiting people to join a Star of Hope group on facebook. They in turn are recruiting others. I have talked with many friends and have asked them to consider Star of Hope in their giving plans this year. So far a couple have agreed to do so. One said she was really interested in the teaching and counseling going on at the Transitional Living Center.

I am finding this journey more comfortable and am glad I took the first step. Keep praying!



09 November 2008


every moment is a choice

how do i react to what has happened

what i choose is the clearest picture of my soul

please Lord let Your love guide me in all i choose

let what i am fade into the love You are

give me the will to always choose You

cause those who see me, to see only You

for all i am is what you give to me

Your love and Your grace

05 November 2008

What really matters

I wish everyone would just get a grip. Regardless of the outcome of an election, God is still in charge. I have heard from so many how this election will forever alter America. I am sure it will. I am not sure it will do everything I have been hearing. President-elect Obama will not be either the best or the worst thing to happen to our country. Hopefully we can work together as citizens to change what needs changing in our country, and hold on to the things which make us a nation much admired.

No matter what happens in this country in which I live, what really matters to me is my place in the Kingdom of God. I am a follower of Christ first, and an American second. The former is immutable, the latter is not. My citizenship in God's Kingdom cannot be taken from me by any principality on earth nor will I ever abandon it. If the need arose I could abandon my citizenship in this country. For the whole of my life many things in my country have been at odds with my beliefs. It has not stopped or swayed my faith thus far and nothing of yesterday has changed that.

Glad to remember what really matters,


01 November 2008

Comfort Zones

We finally got the weather of Fall this week. I love how invigorating and crisp it feels when you head out to start a new day. Unfortunately, as much as my heart is happy to feel the chill, I can't say the same for my joints. I don't move very easily when the cold weather hits. The timing of my slowing down was actually beneficial. One day this week was particularly difficult. I have long worked to find something to be grateful for when days like that come my way. One thing I have learned is that nothing comes between me spending time with God unless I choose it to. Days of limits have no limits on prayer, and I really needed the extra time to pray this week.

I am working on an assignment I took on at church. Last Sunday I volunteered to take $100 to use wisely for the Lord's Kingdom. I have ninety days to complete the project. The guidelines are simple. The money is God's. He has entrusted it to me to grow it and use it for His glory. From the moment I stood up to leave the pew to volunteer I began praying. I knew this would take me well outside my comfort zone. I had in fact struggled for quite a bit trying to reason with God why I should just stay seated where I was and let someone else go forward. I do poor well. You would be amazed with what I can do with seven dollars for a week's groceries. I don't grow money well. I have an allotment from my paycheck taken each payday for my retirement. It means less money to live on now, but more money to live on later. Obviously, if I could make money well, my financial life would have a little breathing room. So why in the world would I volunteer for something I am so woefully unskilled for?

Simple, God is going with me on this adventure. If I have learned nothing else in the last few years I have learned that wherever I journey, God goes with me. So my first step in this assignment was to spend some time with my best friend and a few prayer partners on Sunday. They agreed to pray for me for the next 90 days and to give freely of their own time and talents to secure ways to help.

When we first met to pray, I was asked if I felt any leading as to where I was going to invest the final sum I had. I have to confess there were several ideas running through my head then. I spend time with the Salvation Army, Star of Hope, and the BEAResource room. After a week spent in prayer, I have felt led to choose Star of Hope for this adventure.

Now the objective is in sight, I need a plan to get there. As I am always quoting Antoine de Saint-Exupery to my favorite little girls each time we set goals for our time together. "A goal without a plan is just a wish"

Please pray I will remember that God is my comfort zone and He goes with me,


P.S. Any and all ideas are most welcome. Feel totally free to email me your suggestions.