23 February 2015

Knowing who to call

There's not a spot in my apartment from which you can't see a cross. It's not as much a design choice as it is a reminder. No matter what I am going through, one glance makes me recall there is always someone I can go to for help!

22 February 2015

Still inspiring

I cannot tell you how much I am blessed by the treasure I've found in my mother's notes! God's word & the thoughts of a woman seeking to live by it!

11 February 2015

Doesn't anyone take home ec anymore?

So I was killing a bit of time and thought I'd sort through some odds & ends. Several years ago when I bought my counter top convection oven it came with a recipe booklet.  I tucked it away and never gave it another thought.  Came across it again tonight so I opened it up.  I was hoping to find some interesting ideas. Instead I had a good chuckle.  Never dreamed there would be a recipe for a baked potato!

08 February 2015

It's the little things

Heading to bed early.  Happily excited.  After wearing this sad pair of  glasses held together by tape the last couple of weeks, I'm looking forward to a brand new pair! Amazing how much joy can be found in everyday items if you remember to be grateful for them! 

02 February 2015

A step back in time

I love my laundry pod. However, I'll admit washing my clothes for a week at work gives me an appreciation  of what my ancestors faced in doing laundry. Although I didn't have to find a river or rocks to beat the clothes upon; I can say that the amount of cranking needed for this lot wore me out!