29 April 2004

Bad Manners

Today I was talking to someone who is the mayor of a town here in Texas and I learned the extent to which rude people plague our nation. This Mayor is dealing with a city council in which several of it's members have forgotten there are common decencies every citizen deserves. One particular member was addressing some of his constituents by calling them rude and vulgar names. He had even gone so far as to use these terms in an e-mail from his office. Had he done this in corporate America he would face possible termination. Because he is an elected official, no such consequence awaits him.

The entire situation got me thinking how far we have come from the day when two people could disagree without resorting to obnoxious behavior. When did it become acceptable to be mean and hateful? How does this become so common place that we allow it to continue?

Shame on us for condoning with our silence. Shame on us for trivializing good manners. Shame on us for not holding each other to higher standards. Shame on his Mama for not raising him right. Shame on him for being disrespectful to his constituency. Shame on everybody who elects this kind of person.

25 April 2004

Why Kerry can't get the car keys

I finally got caught up with all my news reading today. Did any of you catch the interview Kerry gave out about SUVs? He was asked if he had one and said no. He was asked if his wife had one and after thinking a bit replied yes, but that it was his family's car, not his. This man wants to run the country and evidently his wife can't trust him to run her car. At least that is the impression he gives trying to distance himself from the big bad SUV.

He also stated in this interview that he was talking to Ford about making a hybrid car his "campaign car." My question is when? He has been campaigning for more than two years, he still hasn't figured out what to do for a "campaign car?"

Do you really want a guy who can't drive his wife's car and can't figure out what kind of car to get for himself running the country?

24 April 2004

Week in review

The good news is I had work for the whole week. The bad news is that it was so tiring I just couldn't seem to find energy to do much more than collapse each night.

I occupied my days sorting through thousands of pieces of paperwork creating an index database. It still isn't finished so I'll be returning next week.

I spent last night with my favorite little girls again. We played hard and they hammed it up when I brought the camera out. We popped corn on the stove top in a pan with a glass lid in order to catch all of the popping action. The entire event was accompanied by singing a popcorn song.

After the younger ones went to bed we watched the last half of the Easter Carol by Veggie Tales . At one point when the movie was quiet this sweet little girl blurted out " Jesus Christ." I waited a moment and then turned and asked "what about Jesus?" She replied "He died for us you know."

I had noticed that in saying bedtime prayers with her sisters earlier she had mentioned how sorry she was He had to die. When it was time for her to go to bed she said " I am sorry you had to die and I really believe in you." After her prayer I kissed her goodnight while fighting back happy tears. She noticed my eyes were watery and told me not to be sad about Jesus dying because He had come back to life.

The perfect ending to a very busy week.

19 April 2004

You won't find it in the news

Was cruising around catching up with all my favorite blogs and learned a little interesting fact. It seems that last week when the new Miss USA was crowned, she made a remark in support of the war in Iraq. The response from the press was a resounding silence and a failure to include her remarks in any of their reports.

Usually whatever the winner says gets press play. This obviously doesn't apply if the winner happens to be a Republican. Wow am I surprised! Who knew the press would choose what to report based on the subject's political affiliation?

Put this in your "knock me over with a feather" file. In case you are wondering, all the members of my family learn sarcasm at an early age in self-defense.

Many thanks to Joshua Claybourn for getting the truth out.

18 April 2004

A Good Example

I started out my day with words from I John 2 and they reminded me of many, but today most particularly of my Aunt Carol. This afternoon she boarded a plane headed to Romania. She goes there to be of service and to aid and visit a friend. This same woman volunteers in a medical office which provides care for those who cannot afford doctor visits. She sings in the choir at her church and conducts the handbell choir. She spends time visiting others as a Stephen Minister, teaches Sunday School, has driven the church bus, and is active in various committees. She is a good neighbor and kind friend to all who know her. She has always been the most supportive and encouraging of aunts. So what does she have to do with the second chapter of First John?

The Only Way to Know We're in Him
Here's how we can be sure that we know God in the right way: Keep his commandments. If someone claims, "I know him well!" but doesn't keep his commandments, he's obviously a liar. His life doesn't match his words. But the one who keeps God's word is the person in whom we see God's mature love. This is the only way to be sure we're in God. Anyone who claims to be intimate with God ought to live the same kind of life Jesus lived.

I John 2:3-6 from
The Message, NavPress Publishing Group

She has taught me by her own life that those who are close to God, show it by how they live their life. No matter how learned someone is in the Scriptures, they do not know them if their life shows no evidence of Christ. All the "right words" mean nothing if they do not live in your heart. If they do live in your heart, there is ample evidence in how you treat others, how you give life to God's love by sharing it, and how you worship Him.

This was taught to us by Christ's own example. He treated all with compassion. He showered those considered unworthy with His Father's love. He worshipped His Father is everything He did. I have been blessed to have many living examples of these lessons before me. I am striving to do as well as they.

To further demonstrate how great God is to me, the sermon today was taken from the verses following these. My Lord has an elegant sense of timing. He makes sure I do not want for what I need.

17 April 2004

Not quite sick

A lot of fever, a little of congestion, and general unease. I'm not sure what it all adds up to but I don't like it anyway. I told my roommate I wasn't sick, just caught a bug. She nearly hurt herself trying not to laugh. We both concluded whatever this is it is affecting my brain. I'm going to take it easy and get ready for a full week of work. I picked up temp work for all of next week. A good thing for a girl who needs to pay the rent.

14 April 2004


Well, I didn't make it back to post the results until now. Victor has made it through the primary and now faces the November general election. Many of my friends had to drive out of their way to vote as the polling places had been condensed here in Houston. To all of you, many thanks. I promise to leave you alone until the fall.

I spent tonight with my favorite little gals here in town. We had tickle fights, played house, hide-n-seek, and bathtub games. I had great fun but got thoroughly worn out. They are all talking a blue streak now and it was hard to keep up. I was out numbered three to one. I loved it completely.

13 April 2004


Today my brother-in-love is in a run-off election for Railroad Commissioner. It has been exciting trying to get out the vote once more when we just had the first election a month ago. One of my nephews had helped his mom find his uncle Victor's name on the ballot the last time she voted. When he found out about the new election this past weekend he asked her "we have to vote for him again?" Politics begins to confuse early, and for the most part it stays confusing.

That is why this has been such an important election. I know I am voting for a good man this time. It hasn't been a choice between the lesser of two evils. I'll blog tonight and let you know how it turned out.

11 April 2004


He is risen!

He is risen indeed!

Made a weekend trip to Austin to gather with most of my family at my sister's house. There was lots of fun and laughter. More eggs scattered throughout the back yard than I could count. Children who are naturally exuberant made even more so by the infusion of chocolate and sugar. Time to appreciate each other and the silliness that comes when you get that many funny folks in one house.

The highlight for me was being able to go to church with my family. Enjoying my niece as she sang in the choir and played her guitar. That was the what made today great for me.

08 April 2004

A Not So Ordinary Day

I left the house this morning for a prayer walk. Several friends are in difficult times and I'm still on the job search roller coaster. When I need to clear my head and center my heart, I take to the road. It is easier for me to focus both if I am engaged in some activity which keeps the rest of me busy.

Before I knew where I was I had traveled a good distance. Guess I should pay a little more attention to how far I am traveling. Still, the walk achieved it's goal. By the time I got home both my head and heart were back in shape. This was good as I had decided to spend the day getting out the vote for Victor's run-off election.

I got all the necessary voting info to quite a few people. I myself was able to cast my ballot in the early voting. I even played chauffeur for a sweet little old lady who wanted to vote but couldn't get there.

To finish the day off I made it to the Maundy Thursday services at the church. It was a time for personal reflection. I was in the chapel for prayers and scripture with soft music. Then I was able to partake of the Lord's Supper. To complete my day my pastor took me by the hand, knelt with me at the altar, and prayed for me. This personal touch is what means so much to me. I am part of a body of believers who are trying to love one another as Christ loved us. Until I get to heaven, it just doesn't get any better than this.

07 April 2004


Tonight was the last night for my "Lent in the Living Room". We spent the time in good fellowship and sharing the impact the movie "The Passion of Christ" made on each of us.

I saw it last night and could not blog about it then because I so moved I didn't know what to write.

There has been a lot of talk about the movie, both good and bad. Some have said it was anti-semantic because of it's portrayal of Jews as the reason for Christ's crucifixion. Some have said it was too much from a Catholic point of view. Some are complaining it is too violent. Some have even said it was wrong for Mel Gibson to be profiting from the Scriptures.

These are the points I will address.

The Jewish leaders were what God used to accomplish His will. God was offering His Son as a sacrifice for our sins. The Sanhedrin were just the tools He used. He also used Herod, Pilate and Judas. For anyone to feel that Jews are entirely responsible for the crucifixion they have missed the point. We are all responsible for it. My sin is what nailed Him to the cross.

The words of Christ, the events of the night and day, and the crucifixion itself are taken from the Gospels and the prophecies of the Old Testament.

The violence is not excessive for what it is. The whole persecution was extreme. In Isaiah we are told Christ would be beaten until He would be no longer recognizable as human. He was beaten for twelve hours. It was violent and more than we usually think of Him bearing for us. Mostly we just gloss over the gory details when contemplating the Passion. If you see this film, you will never be able to do that again. For that alone, I am glad this film was made.

Lastly, Mr. Gibson used his own money to make this film with no guarantee he would ever see it's return. If you own a Bible ask yourself where you got it. Did you buy it? Did someone buy it for you? The store and the publisher both made a profit on it. Why is that o.k.? This laborer is worthy of his hire and deserves to be paid.

I'll need some more time before I comment further. Plus, I am going to see it again on Good Friday.

05 April 2004


The other day I did what everyone who wears glasses has done at one time or another. You have your glasses on in the shower, they fog up and you think you are going blind. Today I had a new twist on that old problem.

The pollen and mold counts have been astronomical. Every allergy sufferer in Texas has known this first hand. Because of this I have rarely worn my contacts. So rare has it been that I forgot I had put them in this morning.

I come home and take a shower to ease sore joints and settle my allergy symptoms. While I am shaving my legs I realize I am able to read the back of the soap container. Since that is something I cannot normally do in the shower I am surprised. I get excited and think God has healed my nearsightedness. I am just about to yell to my roommate that I have been healed when I remember I have my contacts in.

God is good and could heal my vision, but perhaps he wants to start with my mind. It obviously has the greater need for healing. So have a little chuckle on me. Laughter heals as well.

01 April 2004

A Bigger Family

Very exciting news! Last night there was a change in my family. Now it's probably not what you might be thinking. My nephew has asked Jesus to become the center of his life. This makes him my brother in Christ.

Each time I hear of a niece or nephew accepting the love God has shown for them, I can't help but be thrilled for all it will mean in their life. From then on they have the comfort and help even the most loving family can't provide. They have the grace of God to carry them over the rough patches to come. They'll know the joy of sharing fellowship with others. Most importantly they will have the peace that cannot be found in the world.

Now for another bit of exciting news. While I was typing this entry I talked with my youngest sister and found out our family will be getting bigger in December. That is when the newest member of the family is expected to arrive. I can't even begin to tell you how much joy this brings me. It will be hard to sleep tonight. I am way too happy.