31 January 2005

Too good to be true

I was working with a customer the other day and I think I sprained his brain. He had been in earlier and had a space designed. He liked it so much he had come back to do another. He mentioned that with what he now knew he wished he had gotten some deeper shelves. I told him we would be happy to replace his shelves with new ones. He said he didn't think he could bring them back because they had been cut to fit. I explained that he could still bring them back and we would cut him deeper shelves to fit.

It took me several minutes to get him to believe that we were more concerned with him being happy with his space than the cost of a few shelves. Nobody expects a company to put customer satisfaction first any more. Convincing my customers that we do is probably the most challenging part of my job. They all assume that it is too good to be true. Truth be told, I love this job for that very reason. I really like seeing that dazed look on their faces as they try to wrap their brain around how we do business.

This made me think of how often I am gifted with many things that sprain my brain. I have family who love me and let me know it. I have friends who support and comfort me when life seems rough. I have a God who cares for me and gave me the family and friends. This seems to good to be true. Thankfully it is not. Like my customer, I should just relax and be glad it is so.

23 January 2005

The latest

Illness has finally retreated from my life and I am just left with the everyday aches and pains. Life becomes normal again. At least it would if I had a normal life to begin with. I'm not sure there is such a thing. Maybe this constant state of flux is to be considered normal.

I have been enjoying the current class offering at church on Wednesday nights. It is titled Calvinism in the Las Vegas Airport after a book of the same title by Richard J. Mouw. The book has been very enlightening. I think however that the class is even more so because of the teacher. Spend just a little time in one of Clay's classes and you realize that he is uniquely gifted for teaching. He creates an aura of excitement in the class and has you longing to learn more.

The class has been the highlight of my week. It helps to have something enjoyable to do after having spent my day off in search of another job. Full time work has now eluded me for a year. While I have enjoyed the freedom of a part time schedule and temp. work, the freedom of a fuller paycheck would be most welcome indeed.

I hope to make it to Dallas this week to meet my newest nephew and see the rest of his family. I haven't seen them for over a year and a half. That's the longest stretch of time I have ever gone without seeing someone in my family. I hope to get oodles of photos to tide me over until I can see them again. To some of my friends it is a blessing not to have to see their families. For me it is a hardship. My family is where my best friends are. It is great to have sisters, better still when they can be your friend too.

I'm very blessed and pray the you will be as well.

22 January 2005

Tiny Hopes

The Sanctity of Human Life week is ending and little has changed this past year. It saddens me immensely that the country I live in does so little to protect those freshest from the Hand of God.

If you did not know of this week dedicated to remembering these tiny ones in peril, perhaps you can make note of it now. Ask yourself what you can do to effect change. If you are not part of the solution, you are by your very inactivity part of the problem. There are many ways you can be proactive in this cause. Find one that interests you and do it.

11 January 2005

I don't like being sick

The last few days have not been any I will want to remember. Finally caught the cold that has been going around work. Can't breathe and tried to cough up a lung. Got that under control and my ears filled. Actually burst an eardrum this morning. Having done so in the past at least I knew what had happened and what to do.

Made a stop by my favorite doctor today to start some antibiotics to hopefully keep the other ear safe. Unfortunately I am limited in what I can take to get better. Can't take decongestants as they get me wired and I don't sleep for days. Have been sucking down lots of fluids, taking half doses of Liquibid, using aromatherapy and heat packs. Still you just have to sweat it out. With the fever I have been keeping that has definitely been happening.

It's been weird, I have never missed two days in a row at work except for when I had surgery 15 years ago. Still, I am glad my parents are in town for a while. The best thing you can have when you're sick is a mother to kiss you and tell you it will all get better. There is powerful magic medicine in a mother's touch, no matter how old you are.

Hope all of you are well and don't get this.

01 January 2005

Reflections on a year gone by.....

It was an exciting journey from start to finish with many side trips along the way. I began the year with no job and no car. Anything was going to be an improvement.

While I don’t recommend it, job searching can be done by making use of public transportation. Thankfully a kind and generous person made the purchase of a car a possibility in late January. After eight months afoot this was fantastic. It significantly impacted the search. I did quite a lot of temp work while waiting for one of my many interviews to yield a positive result.

I spent the Spring doing an odd dance all around town picking up whatever work I could find. Some enjoyable, and some not. It all helped to pay the bills. If you are creative in robbing Peter to pay Paul you can almost make ends meet. Progress on the job search was made with a part-time position at The Container Store in July. It is great and the people I work with are incredibly helpful. I leave the job always tired but happy. The only downside to the whole situation is that I am unable to live on a part-time salary.

Before you assume that all of this indicates I had a bad year, let me tell you how just how great it has been. I now know in a real and personal way just how much God loves me. He has been so faithful in meeting my needs and filling me with His Peace. The entire year has been a one blessing after another.

Because I was not on a fixed schedule, I had time to participate in many activities I usually never get to do. I made it to a number of programs at church. I taught Vacation Bible School. I worked for Harris County Republicans at several events. I was also able to spend quite a bit of time getting out the vote to get my Brother-in-love reelected. Congratulations Victor, the Railroad Commission will never be the same!

So while I sit at the laptop and ponder the moments which made up this year, I am pleased and content with how they all turned out. Snow on Christmas Eve was the ultimate end. What I had thought would be a rough year has been the best one of my life!

May you find all the blessings God has in store for you this coming year.

With much love,