11 December 2015

Praying my bad attitude away

Absolutely gutted! In the many attempts to fix my phone the technician accidently wiped my SD card and all of my photos are gone! ....and the phone is still having problems. Sprint area manager first tried blaming me for the trouble then backed down. I try to keep things upbeat but it's not easy. My phone is the only "luxury" I have. No cable TV, a TV that is often a radio, no computer, no camera....my phone is my only toy.

So, I'm going to take my rotten attitude & pray it away. Time for some serious bedtime prayers and an overnight attitude adjustment! Very thankful for my comfy bed tonight!

02 December 2015

Whinging or gratitude?? A bit of both

Warning; to quote my Goddaughter "there will be major whinging now!"

There are dishes in the sink because the dishwasher needs to be unloaded, vacuuming and mopping need doing, and there's a lovely tree on my living room floor which needs decorating!

Returning to a spirit of gratitude; soup was on sale when I went to the store yesterday, my favorite blanket is nice & cuddly, fever is coming back to under 100°, and I found the menthol tissues I had in the closet!

18 September 2015

Everything is better with butter!

White chocolate & cranberry rice krispie treats. Admittedly an easy thing to make for tomorrow's Cookies for Kids' Cancer bakesale. That is unless the butter goes flying while you are trying to coat your hands. But it was the ricochet off of the ceiling fan that took everything to the next level. After colliding with the corner of the thermostat it knocked over the lamp! Life surely is fun here in my little corner of the world!  :-)

28 August 2015

Enjoying moments

It's not a big disappointment when the TV does its radio impression during a performance of the Vienna Philharmonic. Even the absence of the beauty of Vienna cannot fade the loveliness  of Sibelius, Greig, and Richard & Johann Straus!

16 July 2015

Sometimes what's good for the environment is bad for me!

To all my pals who joined me in the pledge of "if it's under a mile I'll walk for my errands" I have an addendum to propose. This Texas dweller feels those of you in Canada, Korea, Minnesota, North Carolina, Scotland, England, Cornwall and Switzerland would be open to the following: You let me off for summer and I'll let you off for winter!

04 July 2015

Happy Independence Day!

My giggle for this holiday? Coworker signs off on radio yesterday; I wish her a Happy Independence Day. Moments later I hear a chuckle behind me and realize I had just wished a Happy Independence Day to my new friend America

21 June 2015


I have learned and continue to learn so much from this man. His life modeled lessons include integrity, kindness, generosity, compassion, faithfulness  and through it all how to be an obedient servant to our Amazing God! He's a steadfast example of the admonition in Micah, "to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God." I give thanks to my Heavenly Father for the gift He gave me in the man I'm proud to call Daddy!

11 June 2015

Tidy matters

Good times: skyping early rising Goddaughter in Cambridge.

Bad times: Dealing with vexatious mosquito while doing same.

Priceless: hearing her unbridled laughter as I chase the darned thing around the apartment and finally drop the phone!

Lesson: it pays to make sure everything is tidy under your bed.  You can't tell just when someone will be seeing under there!

09 June 2015


In an effort to leave no stone unturned, I have recently begun using a recorded hypnotherapy session to alleviate some of my daily aches and pains.  Often I'll use my lunch half hour to recharge for the rest of the workday.  I park under a nice shady tree. I open the windows and then recline the seat to get nice and comfy. Today I was just about two thirds of the way through the episode when God reminded me He is the author of laughter and wanted me to have a  moment of happiness.  I was listening to the phrase, "feel the pain washing away, you can feel the water washing away all the discomfort."  I suddenly thought "I'm getting this, I can feel the water on my face!" It was at that point I opened my eyes and realized the sprinklers had come on and I was getting soaked!

Sadly, I may not be the ideal candidate for this therapy but I definitley appreciate when God winks at me and sends me moments of pure joy!



27 April 2015


I've always been able to recall my dreams. Over my lifetime they've varied from the mundane to the whimsical. In the time since my mother moved to heaven, some have been bittersweet. I wake up from dreams of her and realize she's no longer here.

When I was young I went through a period where nightmares often visited. I can only recall those happening whenever my dad was stationed away from us. I think anyone who grew up in a military family would understand why that was so.

While truly scary dreams are rare, I've noticed an increase in disturbing, painful & anxious dreams of late. These seem to happen when pain levels are elevated. Do any of you have this happen? I'd welcome any suggestions you might have to see these go away.

My answer so far has been to pray. For those in the dream, for the pain which thankfully causes me to waken, and for all the suffering I see in the world around me. I'm always grateful for anytime I spend in prayer. But I'm wishing more of it were in the daytime rather than the night.

Praying the night away,


19 April 2015

Blessing of family

Things didn't go as planned this weekend but there are still many reasons to give thanks. I was able to spend a little time with loved ones, was blessed to be able to worship our awesome God together, and can now take a nap that will hopefully make this migraine a thing of history!

03 April 2015

The Boy Mark

That night, lamp bright, in the upper room
 I served him with meat and wine,
When he told the Twelve of his coming doom
 Their grief was mine.

Unsleeping, weeping, I lay and listened
 As they talked and the hours moved on;
Till the moon rose and the white roofs glistened
 And the last man had gone.

Then catching, snatching a sheet about me,
 Which doorways, walls concealed,
I tracked their swift shadows until they brought me
 Here to the oil-press field.

Hidden, unbidden, among silvered trees
 I tensed as he strode my way:
But a bough's length distant he dropped on his knees
 And parted his lips to pray.

These words I heard on the moonlit hill:
 'Father, hear thy son!
Remove this cup, and yet thy will
 Not mine be done!'

Now, on his brow, great pearls of sweat
 Glisten like drops of dew.
Silently, under Olivet,
 My tears are falling too.

Three times he climbs from his lonely prayers
 To Peter, James and John,
Sighs, and returns, and leaves as theirs
 The ground they sleep upon.

Then a sound rebounds on the cool night air -
 A cry from the Kedron bridge,
Torches, like hearthless fires, flare,
 Winding towards the ridge.

I see, through my tree, where the leaves hang dumb
 And moveless as the dead,
The dark, torch-blooded soldiers come,
 With Judas at their head.

Proud, uncowed, he keeps his tryst
 In the flarelight and the moon.
I know, too late, that he is the Christ
Too late, or else too soon.

No friend, at the end, to give him hope!
 Then clutching my tangled sheet,
I fling myself wildly down the slope
 And land at his friendless feet. . .

Yes, he smiled at the child, at the boy's whim,
 A smile in which love prevailed,
But I saw the men who surrounded him,
 And my courage failed

At the jeering, sneering, flickering sight,
 And here where this cypress is,
I left my robe in their hands that night,
 And my soul in his.

    ~  Author unknown

Wanted to share this much loved poem with you!

~ jené


15 March 2015

Living.........truly living!

I don't use my mother's Bible everyday for my quiet time. Somedays it's just too much to come across her fine penmanship. It's a bittersweet experience, my missing her balanced against my joy in knowing she's finally living with her Savior! Joy always wins however the moments to that victory can be  painful.

If she were still counting birthdays, today would have been her 78th. I thought I'd do my reading from her Bible today. It's been a soul stretching experience to come across her observations. What I came across today brought me to a standstill. There's no way to know when she wrote this. All I could think of when I read it was how great she was able to see this come to pass! My mother is alive and living with the one who saved her! Someday I will see her again.

"I'm not in the land of the living, I'm in the land of the dying. But I look forward to being in the land of the living soon when I'm in Heaven."

23 February 2015

Knowing who to call

There's not a spot in my apartment from which you can't see a cross. It's not as much a design choice as it is a reminder. No matter what I am going through, one glance makes me recall there is always someone I can go to for help!

22 February 2015

Still inspiring

I cannot tell you how much I am blessed by the treasure I've found in my mother's notes! God's word & the thoughts of a woman seeking to live by it!

11 February 2015

Doesn't anyone take home ec anymore?

So I was killing a bit of time and thought I'd sort through some odds & ends. Several years ago when I bought my counter top convection oven it came with a recipe booklet.  I tucked it away and never gave it another thought.  Came across it again tonight so I opened it up.  I was hoping to find some interesting ideas. Instead I had a good chuckle.  Never dreamed there would be a recipe for a baked potato!

08 February 2015

It's the little things

Heading to bed early.  Happily excited.  After wearing this sad pair of  glasses held together by tape the last couple of weeks, I'm looking forward to a brand new pair! Amazing how much joy can be found in everyday items if you remember to be grateful for them! 

02 February 2015

A step back in time

I love my laundry pod. However, I'll admit washing my clothes for a week at work gives me an appreciation  of what my ancestors faced in doing laundry. Although I didn't have to find a river or rocks to beat the clothes upon; I can say that the amount of cranking needed for this lot wore me out!

22 January 2015

I'm late, I'm late........for everything!

I am behind in my correspondence, the few Christmas decorations I set out need to be put away, my suitcase is still on the floor of my closet, and my poinsettia  is nearly dead. Only 22 days into the new year and I've been playing catchup the entire time. 

Everywhere I turn there is someone needing prayer. So it looks like this will be my meditation for 2015

Forever friends

Sisters, the best forever friends.  Who else can you call anytime day or night when you need someone to listen. Someone to let you know you are loved. Someone who will join you in prayer for that which prompted the call in the first  place. Thank you God!

17 January 2015

The birth of a bibliophile!

Got lost in my childhood when I was meant to be dusting the bookcase! Funny how even at 53 whenever I open this book I can still hear the voice of my mother reading me this story.  Her sound effects had more whimsy than dad's. His were louder and carried more energy! Both made me feel so loved as they gave many memories to me! I'm certain this is where my love of reading began!

04 January 2015

Miles to go!

Much of my father's "career" as a Pastor has consisted of him arising early on Sunday mornings and traveling throughout West Texas to preach in small churches.  Sometimes twice in one morning. He has logged thousands of miles & triumphed over bad storms,  mechanical failures, and flat tires.  So it is with a grateful heart I thank God for his "new-to-him" car! This morning he hit the road once again. I'm thankful for the care and protection in which my Heavenly Father has held my Daddy!