14 April 2008

Prayers and Hugs

Went to work today and spent some time with my prayer partner Joanne. She and I have in turn been helping each other through varying health concerns for the last few years. She shared with me that her daughter was in ICU. She is a nurse and lives back east. She has lupus and her physician changed her medicine last week. Her reaction to the change brought her first to the emergency room and later to the ICU. She is doing well today and will be staying in the hospital while they adjust her medicine again.

As we often do Joanne and I hugged and thanked God for friends who help you in times of trouble. Joanne has said time and time again that she doesn't know how people who don't know Jesus make it through the hard times. I am grateful that God has placed this dear woman in my life. I look to her as my example of growing in God's grace. I am so humbled by the time and care she gifts to me and am grateful Jesus shares His very best friends with me.


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