19 April 2008

Jesus Loves Me...

..and I have never been more glad of that than I am this week. Went to see a great efficiency today and it was just gorgeous: fantastic design, access to a big back yard, and just at the top edge of my budget. The only drawback was the lack of appliances to cook with save a microwave oven. I thanked the owner for allowing me to see the unit and told him how much I loved all the work he had done. I explained that I cook and bake all the time as it's the best way for me to support my health. I have been changing all my recipes to incorporate suggestions from the anti-inflammatory diet. He then said that his place was probably not the one for me.

I was a little hesitant to see this room in the first place. Renting a room attached to a house owned by a single man , even with a separate entrance can be cause for thought. I had asked God to give me a clear sign whether or not this place would be for me. He answered that very clearly by the absence of a kitchen. So even though I was strongly tempted by the huge closet and large two spray shower, I had to yield to God's clear leading. When you ask for a sign, you'd be an idiot to ignore it.

Yesterday on my way to work I got to see an idiot up close. As I was on the feeder road for Interstate 10 , I saw and accident right in front of me. Someone changed lanes without signalling and broadsided the car already in that lane. Sadly for the lady driving the the first car, the second car was a police car. As we all slowly made our way around the wreck I lowered my window to ask if everyone was o.k. (Nurses do that you know) At that time I heard what may be the stupidest sentence to ever be uttered. She asked the officer, "Didn't you see me coming? I couldn't signal because I was on the phone." What came to my mind was not terribly kind but came nonetheless; Dear God please bless this idiot and help her get back to her village.

At lunch when I was meditating I thought of how often God must have had the same feelings toward me. He has laid down His plan for my life and yet I will often seek to avoid what should be done. God is very patient with me when I attempt to reason with him why I can't do whatever the task is. He is always forgiving when I get my heart right and tell Him I am sorry.

I found myself awake for part of the night and was pondering all that today would bring. Oftentimes when sleepless in the night I will sing myself to sleep. (yes I know that's weird). I was singing Jesus Loves Me and it was this verse that gave my heart ease.

Jesus loves me still today,
Walking with me on my way,
Wanting as a friend to give
Light and love to all who live.
No matter what He asks me to do it helps me to remember that just like God told Moses, He goes with me.
Thankful for the traveling Companion on the journey,

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