24 July 2014

Grace and Favor

A year ago today my life all boiled down to a breaking heart and fervent prayers. My neice Laura was fighting for her life. All I could do was cry and call out for my Heavenly Father to hear my prayer to save her.  I knew there was nothing which would take her from me eternally but couldn't bear the thought of her not being here for me to hug. I knew her two sweet children needed her love and guidance. I couldn't even imagine the terror her dear husband was going through. Nor the nightmare in which her parents & sisters found themselves. I was comforted in knowing that at this point all of us who loved Laura were banded together in prayer for a miracle. All over the world, brothers and sisters in Christ united to beseech our Creator for His grace and favor.

Today I am taking a moment to recall how generously my prayers were answered.  In DFW, family are gathering to celebrate the gift we were given in keeping our Laura with us for a little while longer. I wish I could join them but I'll be there next week to give my own hug to that wonderful woman!

So as I say everyday; Kind Father, Thank you for blessing me with your grace and favor!

From a heart filled with thanks,


20 July 2014

Man on the Moon

Today America remembers the anniversary of Man walking on the moon. It was a momentous occasion for us as a nation and human beings. We had ventured away from the planet on which God had placed us. I was eight at the time and remember the day well. However my recall of the day had little to do with event of national focus.

In our house we celebrated the arrival home of my baby sister. She was born on the day the astronauts blasted off.  Today was when she came home!  It was such an exciting summer!

It all started with my cousin Pat coming to stay with us. Though at that point I was calling her Tricia. She had come to help out and as little girls often do, I idolized her. She was so kind and funny. She had a great sense of style and I used to imagine I would grow my pixie cut out to imitate her hairstyle.

She helped me practice my baby holding skills with a favorite stuffed toy. This was going to be the first time I could remember holding a new baby sister. My first little sister came when I was just a toddler. My second sister had a few health concerns that rarely saw her out of my mother's arms. So for me, this was the ultimate chance to be a big sister!

Tricia had several siblings herself and frequently shared stories of their growing up. I was enthralled! Here was a living example of how to be a big sister. I decided to learn all I could!

I can tell you now some years later, I don't recall many details from watching the telecast. I do remember though just how soft Julia's tiny hand was when I held it. How warm and cozy I felt while holding her. And for the first time I was aware of falling instantly in love with another human! As I looked at her sweet face I knew I would love her for all of my life! Like most siters, there were some moments when I let that slip from my mind, but it never left my heart.

I am so thankful for all of my sisters, they are my forever friends!