21 October 2004

Can't wait

Looking forward to seeing them and their big sister tomorrow night for dinner. Posted by Hello

After having a difficult week working and looking for work, dinner with friends tomorrow night sounds like a great idea. Add having 2 flat tires at the beach yesterday and it sounds even better.

Work tonight was good. Gift wrap wonderland has come to visit and the buyer really outdid herself this year. I used to love visiting the store when the wonderland was in place. It's just as much fun working in it.

16 October 2004

Photo op part 2

Here's the other half of the dynamic duo

they can be a fun and busy handful

So although you leave them feeling tired, it's a good feeling. Posted by Hello

Wanted to be sure to give the partners in crime equal time.

Spent the whole day in space planning. I really need to come up with a new word for tired. What I am now goes way beyond exhaustion.

Fortunately I have the day off tomorrow. I plan to make it to church and then to do nothing else. Hope your day goes well for you.

15 October 2004

08 October 2004

Beautiful music

Tonight I spent time with my favorite little girls again. We started with a fun and interesting dinner. Good food and varied conversation. We then played quite a bit with lots of imagination and energy. Moved from that to bath time in the kitchen sink.

Julia seems convinced that any night I am here calls for special tubbies in the sink. All goes well but it is getting harder and harder to get five year old big sis in and out of the sink. We may have to abandon that soon.

Julia is singing often these days. The last time I was over, she sang to my mom on the phone. She wanted to sing on the phone again so I had her share the soundbite below with you. Hope you enjoy it.

Getting ready to face a big week. I have something scheduled for work every day for the next 8 days. Tiring but necessary to meet budget demands and to be able to purchase groceries. God provided well this week with coupons and a kind friend who bought me dinner at church on Wed. It has been an amazing year and I am humbled by how good God has been to me.

Hope this next week is a great one in your life too.

A voice which makes angels weep with joy

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