29 March 2004


I am almost too tired to blog, but decided to have a go at it anyway.

Yesterday was a great day. I went to Austin to take some pictures of my brother-in-love and the family. The trip there was fantastic. This year the Texas roadsides have outdone themselves. We usually get wildflowers. The last few years the blossoming has been rather thin because of a variety of weather issues.

I stopped a couple of times and was able to capture some of the beauty on digital media. Somehow that just doesn't have the romance of capturing on film. I love my digital camera. I am grateful to not be wasting any film. I enjoy being able to choose which photos to keep right away.

Still..........something has been lost in the expectation. Taking pictures and hoping you had caught the moment you wanted. Dropping the film off and waiting for the pictures to come back (yes you young folks, in the olden days there wasn't a one-hour photo). Ripping open the package and finally getting to see how it all turned out.

There is something that is made all the sweeter by the waiting. Christmas, birthdays, vacations are all appreciated more by waiting for them.

So, my life is made easier and more manageable but the anticipation is gone. I think I miss it.

27 March 2004

Computer Woes

I have spent a good part of the last two days helping friends deal with an ailing computer. It had caught a small virus that was wreaking large amounts of havoc. They were unable to even get online for help in diagnosing the problem. I had downloaded updates and worm removal tools at my house last night. After running several search programs the problem finally came to light.

After removing the offending worm, we then went online to bring all the sytems up to date. Unfortunately on dial-up service downloading those can take the better part of a day. While that may seem frustrating, this part of the day was great. For one thing, it meant the problem had been solved. For another, I was able to chat with my friends. We even had time for a shopping errand while waiting for the computer to finish.

The day ended up being a great one as the fun time heavily outweighed the annoying time.

25 March 2004

Special People

Houston is a town just chock full of special people. Let me explain what I mean. Houston is a city with many miles of roadways. Most of them are simultaneously under repair. This means that is it almost impossible to drive anywhere in this town without running into a road crew.

At each of these occurrences there will usually be some sort of signs to redirect traffic. The most common seems to be the no left turn sign. Here is where the trouble begins.

All of the "special people" believe that sign is for everybody else and not for them. These people will ignore the signs and back up traffic to the suburbs rather than finding another way around. They will pull into intersections when there is clearly no room for them. They will decide at the last minute they need to turn and will cross four lanes of traffic. It matters little to them that three other cars have to slam on their brakes. These are the "special people " we seem to have in abundance.

When you come across these folks there is just one thing to do. Take a deep breath and remember that God made them too. While they seem so intent on ignoring the traffic around them, rest assured they will one day be repaid for all their rudeness. Some of these folks are going to make it to heaven with us. Let's just pray they won't be driving there.

P.S. If you are a "special person" and you are going to heaven, remember, God is watching. If you aren't going to heaven drop me a line. I'll be glad to let you know how to get to there.

21 March 2004

Smiling moments

Very glad I made it to church today. The service was full of happy moments. Today was our pastor's birthday. He got a full congregational rendition of "Happy Birthday to You".

I sat next to a sweet baby girl who looked about four months old. She smiled and cooed all through the service. I love seeing babies in church. I think it gets them off to such a good start.

We also had the Baptism of two babies and one toddler. This is one of my favorite things. I love to see parents placing their children in a covenant of faith. The small ones are promised to be raised with knowledge of their Savior and His love. As part of their church family I pledge to help support their parents as they complete that promise. I think this is the most important thing we can do for each other.

Just something that makes me smile.

20 March 2004

Wrap up

Today my only goal was to sleep in and wake leisurely. That goal was not achieved thanks to a call from a friend who can't recall there is a major time difference between Rome and Houston. He was very apologetic and offered to call back later. I explained I was already awake so we might as well chat. I had a good time catching up with him in spite of the fact it was 4:30 in the morning. Would have been even better had I not gone to bed at 3:00.

Friday I was blessed to spend the morning with my favorite little girls. We played hard, created art and baked popovers. I love spending time with them. It is always an adventure.

That afternoon I met with the manager of a store in which I had interviewed last week. It was encouraging being asked back. She said she would have some word for me late next week about the job situation and the openings they will be filling now. Please pray.

Thursday I spent the day as a fill-in switchboard operator at a large church. This job vacillates from boredom to busyness. My favorite moment revolved around trying to make a woman understand the difference between a funeral and a memorial service. It went as follows:

Me: Good Morning, ------------------ Church, how may I help you?

Her: Do you know anything about the services for-------------------?

Me: Yes ma'am, the gravesite services are at 10:30 a.m. and the memorial service is at 1:00 p.m. in the chapel.

Her: So will the viewing be before or after the memorial service?

Me: (repeat last line given)

Her: But that doesn't say when the viewing is?

Me: Typically ma'am, there is no viewing at a memorial service.

Her: So when will I be able to see her?

Me: Ma'am the gravesite services will be at 10:30 in the morning, there will be no viewing at the memorial.

Her: So the viewing will be at a different time?

Me: Usually after the gravesite service the casket is buried in the ground, that means there will be no viewing service that day.( I really wanted to ask her if she would like us to dig up this poor woman so she could have a look. I didn't)

Her: Oh, can you tell me how to get to the church?

Me: Yes ma'am, where will you be coming from?

Her: My house.

Me: Alright, where is that?

Her: At my house, I won't be going anyplace else first.

Me: O.K. where is your house?

Her: I'm in Katy.

Me: Great, I can tell you how to get here from Katy.

You get the general idea of my day from this call. Still poor gals can't be choosers, we have to take all the work we can get.

17 March 2004

Lent in the living room

This is the name for my small group Bible study for the season of Lent. I am enjoying this year's study even more than last year's. This year the devotional has been written by members of the church. I like learning how others have been able to apply what they have learned to their lives. Gives me hope that I can do the same.

Everyone tonight was sweet and said I had done well leading the class last week. The one thing that has stood out in the years since I joined this church, is how kind and caring the people are. When I was searching for a church a few years ago, I felt welcomed here by everyone I met. Grace seemed to be a place where folks lived in and shared the love of God. I am happy to report it is still so.

Difficult to explain

Another day spent in search of a job. Meeting lots of nice people but nothing to report yet. I have a couple of days of part time work this week. That will help but I must have a job by next week. Bills are coming due faster than I can pay them. Is it scary? Yes. Do I think God has forgotten about me? No.

I don't know what God has in store for me but I do know He has a plan. I don't know how anyone can make it through rough times in life without the comfort He has been to me. Whenever things seem overwhelming it is calming to know I am not alone. I can't really explain it in any rational way. It is just a sure belief that I am being held in His hand and loved as I am. I think it is something you just have to try for yourself. I wish I could tell you how this works or why. Faith is something that each person must experience for themselves.

14 March 2004


This morning I awoke with thinking my ears were going to explode. Oh the joys of allergies. I tried twice to get up and stay up without much success. Dizziness is a life deterrent. Realizing I was in no shape to drive to church I finally made it downstairs to have some breakfast. When I went into the kitchen something caught my eye on the windowsill. Thinking a leaf had blown in I bent down for a closer look. To my complete surprise staring back at me was a teeny tiny frog. I watched him for a bit and then went upstairs to get my roommate to confirm I was not hallucinating. Verifying I was not going bonkers we began to think of ways to reunite Q-bert ( I love naming animals) with the great outdoors. After Sharon had opened the front door, I scooped him up in a plastic container and then set him free outside. He has since moved on and I fear he will never return to visit. Still, for a little while this morning, we had a pet.

13 March 2004


It is official! The arrival in the post today of another postcard of rejection brings the total of the same to two. Now I have a collection. One was too pretentious to be a collection on it's own. Two are quite a promising start to what I hope will remain a small accumulation.

This one was kinder than the first, and while it did not address me personally, at least I was not reduced to being an "applicant". This one came from the Swedish retailer mentioned in an earlier entry. While I am saddened to have another avenue closed I am still hopeful. Either I am incurably optimistic or more tired than I thought. Both might be true.

12 March 2004

One more time

Tonight I participated in a group interview. A novel concept but a fun evening. I was at a store which can help you organize your entire life. This is a place I would enjoy working. I love to shop there and am always finding great new useful gadgets. I have also researched how they treat their employees. Keeping the workforce happy is a fundamental plank in their corporate policy. Finally people are realizing that happy people are more productive people.

I also spent a good deal time on the phone with my sister. My nephew is heading home for his first college spring break. Unfortunately he had plane troubles and got stuck at the airport. Wish I could make it to West Texas to see him. He's a nice guy.

11 March 2004


This week has been an odd collection of happenings. Monday I was getting ready for a job interview. The leader of my small group Bible study called and asked me if I would be willing to stand in for him this week. Now, I am confident that I have much to share with all that God has done and is doing in my life. What I am not confident about is leading a class. Fortunately this situation is more about facilitating others to share than teaching. Getting folks to open up and talk is something I am good at. While I was nervous through most of the study, I believe all went well. At the very least, they are all too kindhearted to tell me if I did a bad job.

Tuesday I was going to head to Austin to be with my brother-in-love while waiting for his election returns. A last minute interview kept me in town. I attended my precinct convention instead and ended up serving as secretary. We only had nine people present. The entire election has been a less than stellar experience. I emailed, called and spoke to over 500 people trying to get out the vote. In spite of my best efforts voter turnout was abysmally pathetic. It saddens me profoundly that only a small minority of citizens care enough to exercise their responsibility as Americans. My word to all those who don't even bother to register or vote is "keep quiet". I don't want to hear one word of dissent from you. If you aren't part of the solution you are the problem.

Wednesday was filling in applications and then the aforementioned Bible Study that night.

Today has been more of the same. Still the sun is shining and there is food in the pantry to cook. So I am doing much better than many people in this world. It's good to remember that although things sometimes seem dismal, there is always some joy to be found. And yes, many of my friends call me Pollyanna.

08 March 2004

Back in the web

After what seemed an interminable time I am hooked back up to the DSL network. Wow! The speed is tremendous especially after over a week on dial-up. I am now even four times faster than my previous DSL. Way to go SBC.

I have to zip out for another job interview. Nothing to report yet. I have had a call back from the Swedish company. Still holding out hope for that job. I'll get back to serious blogging when I get home tonight.