15 March 2015

Living.........truly living!

I don't use my mother's Bible everyday for my quiet time. Somedays it's just too much to come across her fine penmanship. It's a bittersweet experience, my missing her balanced against my joy in knowing she's finally living with her Savior! Joy always wins however the moments to that victory can be  painful.

If she were still counting birthdays, today would have been her 78th. I thought I'd do my reading from her Bible today. It's been a soul stretching experience to come across her observations. What I came across today brought me to a standstill. There's no way to know when she wrote this. All I could think of when I read it was how great she was able to see this come to pass! My mother is alive and living with the one who saved her! Someday I will see her again.

"I'm not in the land of the living, I'm in the land of the dying. But I look forward to being in the land of the living soon when I'm in Heaven."