30 June 2004

Taking a spin around town

Today I got called back for an interview at a church. They need someone to manage their print jobs. Unfortunately it is a part time job and they prefer a church member. Still, the pastor did recommend me to someone else and set up an interview there. This was also at a church and right now they don't have the funding to hire but are looking into it.

On the way home I got to try out some new moves in the car. Some inattentive driver ran a red light and hit the lady in front of me in the intersection. I slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting her and the car went into a spin. Remembering all my dad drilled into me while he was teaching me to drive I was able to regain control of the car. Fortunately there was a very convenient and very empty parking lot. My car had no damage. The lady in front of me was pretty banged up and the guy behind me hit a post and dented his car. My only problem was spending a while waiting to give my statement to the cops.

The good news is no one was hurt badly and the little car did well under stress.

28 June 2004

Oh where, oh where has my shiny sun gone?

Even more rain today. Over a week with rain everyday. This is Houston in June. For some reason the start of hurricane season doesn't always bring monumental storms. It does bring our daily dose of rain.

When I first moved down here from West Texas I could not believe that we get more rain here in the summer than they get all year. It takes some getting used to. I had forgotten how to live with lots of rain.

Many years ago I lived in Okinawa. They have a rainy season that rivals the best. Before that I lived in England. Enough said. Rain and I have been friends before and we now are friends again.

27 June 2004

Now we wait

A great place to pray Posted by Hello

Well, the nominees for Stated Clerk have been introduced and the wait begins. I had misunderstood that the election was to be today, but it will be on Friday morning. Waiting is something that I am not very good at even though I have had quite a bit of practice. I waited eight months this past year to buy a car. During that time I waited every day for bus service. For further info ask my mom about spending three weeks in an airport waiting for a military space available flight.

All this waiting gives me more time to pray. So it can be a good thing. I ended up heading to the beach yesterday to ease the waiting. I tend to get out for a prayer walk when my head and heart get too full. Once I was so wrapped up in the walking and praying that I didn't realize how far I had gone until I was four miles from home. I try not to do that any more and walk in a big circle instead.

Check back later to see how it all works out.

26 June 2004

More Cause for Prayer

Responding to a question from a minister commissioner about efforts to remove a section of the Book of Order that forbids the ordination of non-celibate homosexuals, Ufford-Chase said: “I have close friends who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. This church should welcome their gifts.

This is from the new Moderator. God must love us a lot to give us so much to talk to Him about. The next two years will be interesting, hope they are not sad ones.

Check in tomorrow for the Clerk's election. Should be a doozy.

Cause for Prayer

Tonight will see the election of a new moderator for my denomination. Presbyterians face many of the same problems others face. Perhaps the largest cause for concern and prayer is the effort by some to abandon the basics of our beliefs and re-invent ourselves into a more "evolved" church.

My Pastor is standing for election as Moderator. His name is Dave McKechnie. I can tell you he is a good man committed to the Lord. We had a prayer meeting on Monday night to pray for him and the issues facing our denomination. After the meeting I had a chance to chat with him for a bit. He was facing a big week and yet he took the time to talk with me about my job search and how he could help. This is the kind of man I would like to see representing my church.

Also in the forefront are those who want to make changes in the ordination policy. Even the other two candidates for moderator are putting this forth. One has even stated he welcomes the removal of the requirement which prohibits unrepentant homosexuals from serving in church office. Currently there are certain requirements in place for those who hold church office. They are clearly stated in the Book of Order:

G-6.0106 Gifts and Requirements

G-6.0106a. To those called to exercise special functions in the church--deacons, elders, and ministers of the Word and Sacrament--God gives suitable gifts for their various duties. In addition to possessing the necessary gifts and abilities, natural and acquired, those who undertake particular ministries should be persons of strong faith, dedicated discipleship, and love of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Their manner of life should be a demonstration of the Christian gospel in the church and in the world. They must have the approval of God's people and the concurring judgment of a governing body of the church.

G-6.0106b. Those who are called to office in the church are to lead a life in obedience to Scripture and in conformity to the historic confessional standards of the church. Among these standards is the requirement to live either in fidelity within the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman (W-4.9001), or chastity in singleness. Persons refusing to repent of any self-acknowledged practice which the confessions call sin shall not be ordained and/or installed as deacons, elders, or ministers of the Word and Sacrament.

Why homosexuals would seek to find acceptance in their sin I find confusing. Other sinners do not find approval of their sins. Certainly a adulterer or embezzler will not find approval either. I have given this issue a lot of thought and I have finally reached a conclusion. I think the "homosexual agenda" is an effort to force others to accept them as they are. I believe they want this as they still feel uncomfortable themselves and are under the assumption if everybody else accepts them they will finally feel at ease. This of course is not true.

I have spent five years volunteering with a hospice for aids patients. I see the sadness in their eyes. I try to show Jesus' love so that they may know the peace of forgiveness. So often they are greeted with hostility by those who call themselves Christian. It seems that many are on opposite ends within the church. Either accepting of everything, or rejecting of all. Love the sinner, but don't condone the sin. Be glad to have anyone come into church seeking to know God better. Keep to the requirements for those in leadership.

Please join me in prayer that we can come together in love and work to address the needs both inside and outside the church.

23 June 2004

Little Princess

A real Sweetheart Posted by Hello

This is the cutie pie who sings on the blog below. She is one of the best things about living in Houston. She and her sisters are great fun. You'll find them mentioned throughout this blog. She keeps me on my toes with her version of life and questions about God.

Kids are great ones for making you rethink things you have taken for granted. If you are needing to get back on track take some time to sit down and talk with a child. They will really get you straightened out.

21 June 2004

Sweet Songs

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Make sure you have you sound turned up for wav files to hear this in all it's glory. The spelling is a bit shaky and the words change often but she loves to sing.

My Birthday

Today I turn 43 years old. Funny thing is I don't feel it.

This year has been one of the most unusual I have ever lived through. Interestingly enough it has also been one of the best. I've learned much about myself. I've seen how truly marvelous it can be when you trust in the Lord. I've known the comfort of a supportive family. I've been rewarded with the encouragement of caring friends.

All in all a very good and fulfilling year. I look forward to this next one.

Happy Birthday to my Uncle Fred and Prince William, we share the same special day.

20 June 2004

My Dad

My Daddy Posted by Hello

This was a more than a few years ago and it says a lot about my dad. To understand you need a little background information. My dad has four sisters, no brothers. He married and had four daughters, no sons.

Still, he never made me feel anything but treasured, never intimated he might have been happier had he been blessed with sons rather than daughters. Never made me feel anything but loved. While other girls may not have gotten the mechanical training dad provided, no son could have gotten more.

But the even more important thing about my dad was his easiness in sharing his love. He showed it, and sometimes missing in relationships he stated it.

Perhaps more than anything else he made it natural for me to tell people how I feel about them.

Thanks Dad for being so wonderful. I love you more than I can say.

17 June 2004


There has been quite a bit of talk about the man who plowed over a little boy to get a foul ball. From now on this man will be forever known by his actions one day at a ball game. Regardless of what he accomplishes he will be remembered as the rude jerk who ran roughshod over a four year old child.

Is this fair? Is he really the world's biggest ding dong? Or is he the kind of man his pastor says he knows him to be?

Can one wrong move change who you are? No. It is however, a glimpse into who we are.

It is the choices we make in an instant that reveal our true character. How we behave when in the moment is the best indicator of who we are in the long run.

Anyone can make the right choice when he has time to think it over. A man with good character does the right thing to begin with.

16 June 2004

Learning to love reading

It begins early Posted by Hello

This little gal has already learned a valuable lesson. She has cultivated a love for reading before she can even do so. This has happened because those who cared for her made time to read to her. There is no substitute for a parent who takes the time to read to a child. She will have an advantage that will work for her benefit her entire life.

She will one day raise a child who also learns to love to read.

Before you invest time and money in the latest programs to educate your child, remember one thing............what you teach them when they are young lasts a whole life long.

15 June 2004

Once more into the new frontier

Well, I've started a second blog. It will be done all in photos, new and old. It's a busy week learning many new things. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks.

Worth a Thousand Words

14 June 2004

Learning even more new things

Just tried out the new adioblogging abilities to the site. It was quick and easy to use. This could lead to serious changes. Now I can really just "phone it in."

Make way for progress.

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First Audio Blog

11 June 2004

Good Bye to a Gentleman

President Reagan....as rendered in his favorite treat.....jelly beans Posted by Hello

Today we as a country said farewell to a great "gentle man". He was the epitome of all things desired in a gentleman. He was devoted to his family, a protector of his country, a friend to all in need, and a soul who looked to God for guidance.

I count it a rare privilege that the first time I was eligible to vote for the Office of President, I was able to cast my vote for this man. This man who gave us his strength as we suffered through dark hours. This man who joked with doctors after his shooting to show us that we can choose to be happy no matter the circumstance. This man who readily admitted his need to get on his knees to pray and seek God's wisdom. This man who adored his wife and cherished his family. This man who had the vision and the courage to change the world and ask others to work for change with him. This man who dared to speak hard truths and challenged us to do the same.

To President Reagan's family I want to say thanks. Thank you for sharing this extra-ordinary man with us. May God bless you and ease your hearts as you miss this good man. Remember that nothing can ever separate us from those who love the Lord.

Truly the most fitting of final remarks comes from Baroness Margaret Thatcher in her condolence note "Well done thou good and faithful servant" Matthew 25:21,23

08 June 2004

Sorry to be gone so long

The photo placed here needed to be removed. Sorry you missed it.

Time has really flown by recently, mostly for good reasons.

Mom and Dad were able to come for a visit after the Texas Republican Convention in San Antonio last week. It is always a great time when they get here. We did everything and nothing. A fantastic way to pass the time.

They brought a program from the convention and it was interesting to see all that was accomplished. On a personal note, my brother-in-love used a photo I had taken for his page. Wow! Very glad to be published for a good cause.

They were able to go to church with me and I finally had the chance to introduce them to some of my friends. I was glad they were able to meet the folks who have meant so much to me.

We found an armoire for dad at Ikea. To get him ready for the task of assembling it, I got him to put a dresser together for me. It had made it to my home last year but stayed in it's box until dad set it free.

Mom had brought pictures of my sister's visit to Utah. The above is from that visit. Aren't they just the sweetest things? Their aunt sure thinks so.

Will try to be a more consistent blogger. Thanks for checking in.