02 November 2005

Endings and beginnings

Sunday was my pastor's last time in the pulpit as the head of my church staff. He is retiring. Don't confuse that with slowing down, he already has a full schedule ahead of him. When I was considering joining Grace Presbyterian several years ago, I was a little put off by the size of the church. I didn't think I would find a home in a church so large. What I found was a big church that feels small. My pastor has always had time for me and taken an interest in my needs. All of the ministers on the staff do so. I am thankful I got the time to sit and study under Dave McKechnie. He was truly a God-send during some of the difficult and joyous moments of my life.

Yesterday was the beginning of the NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH . I have participated in this exercise in insanity. I enjoy it each time. Unfortunately yesterday kind of got away from me with extra work and the beginnings of my second cold in 28 days. Today has also run away from me. Feeling worse than yesterday was the start and then heading across my room and finding myself standing in water. Never a good thing if your room is carpeted. Repairs will have to be done later to the shower, for now there's a temp fix. That means only baths for the next 24 hours. I have a fan blowing across the floor to dry things out and I'm going to write tonight no matter what else falls apart. I'm already behind. To write 50,000 words in a month you need to do 1,666 every day. So be kind when my blogging is short for this month. Thanks.