31 December 2004


If you can, please visit the Red Cross to give whatever you are able to spare to help those in need. The death toll in the tsunami's wake is now beyond what my heart and mind can fathom.

Please remember to mention those in need in your prayers.

29 December 2004

Little Dancers

Found some time this month to see my favorite ballerina

She's having fun in the class

Now her little sisters can hardly wait for their turn Posted by Hello

O.k. I know it has been ages since I sat down to chart on my progress through this life. Those of you sending e-mails requesting funeral information may stop doing so. While there isn't much evidence to support it, I am indeed alive and mostly well.

I just survived my first holiday season in retail. Those who know the dangers already feel my pain, and the rest of you I will spare the horrors. Fortunately most of our clientele are super. Not much to complain about other than being phenomenally tired.

We are now in the middle of our busiest time. Only once a year does our best selling product go on sale. This means that contrary to every other retailer, January is our biggest month. I expect to be tired for a while yet.

I will try to post a year in review on Saturday. Check back then.