11 December 2015

Praying my bad attitude away

Absolutely gutted! In the many attempts to fix my phone the technician accidently wiped my SD card and all of my photos are gone! ....and the phone is still having problems. Sprint area manager first tried blaming me for the trouble then backed down. I try to keep things upbeat but it's not easy. My phone is the only "luxury" I have. No cable TV, a TV that is often a radio, no computer, no camera....my phone is my only toy.

So, I'm going to take my rotten attitude & pray it away. Time for some serious bedtime prayers and an overnight attitude adjustment! Very thankful for my comfy bed tonight!

02 December 2015

Whinging or gratitude?? A bit of both

Warning; to quote my Goddaughter "there will be major whinging now!"

There are dishes in the sink because the dishwasher needs to be unloaded, vacuuming and mopping need doing, and there's a lovely tree on my living room floor which needs decorating!

Returning to a spirit of gratitude; soup was on sale when I went to the store yesterday, my favorite blanket is nice & cuddly, fever is coming back to under 100°, and I found the menthol tissues I had in the closet!