24 April 2008


While I was out apartment hunting today I got a call from a concerned friend who wanted to know if I had a home yet. That caused me to think back on my morning meditation which dealt with that very issue.

When we live our lives as missions, we become aware that there is a home from which we are sent and to which we have to return. We start thinking about ourselves as people who are in a faraway country to bring a message or work on a project, but only for a certain amount of time.
One of the most important spiritual disciplines is to develop the knowledge that the years of our lives are "on a mission"

Bread for the Journey by Henri J. M. Nouwen

It is very reassuring to remember that I have a home I will someday call my own. I'm only "visiting" here, it doesn't matter what I call home as it is only temporary.

Looking for a temporary home,


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