25 June 2005

Can you catch up on sleep?

The past few days have been an experiment in trying to recover lost sleep. I do not have any conclusive details to report. I think I'll need more testing before I will be able to comment upon the results.

I made a trip to West Texas on Sunday. I was going home to celebrate my birthday. Well, that's the reason I used. In actuality I was headed home to be with my Dad as he had some surgery. He has referred to it as "masculine surgery". That is all the detail I am going to give here.

My family and I went out to lunch on Monday to have my birthday remembrances. On my birthday we spent the day in various waiting rooms from surgery to ICU. Daddy came through all well and is making progress in his recovery each day.

I didn't get much sleep what with a mind that wouldn't shut down, arthritis aggravated by the long car trip, and an unfamiliar bed. Yes I am now at the age that I miss my own bed. I got back to town around 3:30 am on Thursday. Fortunately I didn't have to go in to work until 2:00 pm. I was pretty well knackered by the time I got home that night. Friday I spent a good deal of the day dozing off. I tried to make it to lunch with a friend but couldn't find the energy. Things are better today and I am planning to take it easy tomorrow.

20 June 2005

Find me some grapefruit perfume

I found this odd tidbit of news today and decided it deserved consideration.

Evidently the scent of a grapefruit on a woman caused men to believe the women were younger than they were. I have always liked a grapefruit sliced in half for a breakfast treat. I've eaten them cold, roasted and topped with meringue.

Fresca is my favorite soda pop. It has a grapefruit base. I know Coca-Cola announced they would be adding new flavors soon. I think I might try them but will probably stick with the one long loved.

Assuming this article is correct, I need to find grapefruit scents. While I am comfortable with the thought of turning forty-four tomorrow, it couldn't hurt.

On a side note, where do you find women who would be willing to try out the broccoli scent? And why?

19 June 2005

One thing led to another

I headed over to spend Friday evening with the girls oft mentioned here. It was a "series of unfortunate events". They led to a series of giggle fits.

Julia needed to visit the little girls room. While there we had to deal with a malfunctioning porcelain throne. She was totally enthralled with the properties of the plunger. I had to convince her it was not a new toy for her playtime fun. Said problem was resolved and we returned to dinner.

Our next event happened at the dinner table. Meredith knocked her milk off the table. Being the quick thinker she is, she tried to catch her cup. She was almost successful. The result was milk flying across the room. Droplets let loose found their way into everyone's hair, onto all the plates, the wall and even this laptop was baptized. Since they have been taught not to cry over spilt milk, we could only laugh as we cleaned up the mess.

Next on our agenda was making Father's Day cards for their dad. Not too much mayhem doing this until.......Julia decided to see if her safety scissors could cut her hair. They can! It's not too noticeable and happily she wasn't scheduled for photos.

Our earlier excursions with milk necessitated all having a bath and shampoo. Outside of convincing little ones sister doesn't really like water being poured over her head and that bath water is best not drunk, bath time went fairly well. I was fairly well wet anyway.

Fortunately bedtime followed shortly thereafter before anything else untoward could happen.

14 June 2005

How can you call yourself a Christian and do that?

The past couple of days have been difficult for my best friend. Someone she works with, considers a friend, belittled her and the church in which she worships. You should know she works in a church. While I listened to her recounting all that had gone on, one question kept going through my head. How can you call yourself a Christian and do that?

I am so gobsmacked by the episode that I barely know where to begin detailing how wrong the entire situation is. The "spiritual bully" as he will be referred to came up with remarks that revealed much about the state of his own soul.

She is Episcopalian. She spent much time finding a church where she felt peace worshipping. There she found the continuity and sanctuary she had been missing. She found comfort in the fellowship and ritual. Regardless of her reasons, this is where she is at home. For that alone someone who calls himself her friend should respect the choice.

He has been teasing her by making comments about being a "lite" Catholic. I find that to be offensive to both Catholics and Episcopalians. He tells her she should let him know if he has gone over the line. This says much about his knowledge of friendship. A true friend cherishes you and never puts you in the position of having say stop. Friendship offers solace, not anguish and distress.

The bully is a member of a major denomination. He contends he loves theology and smart discussion. How can he treat anyone this way, let alone a fellow believer? Shouldn't there be a presumption of finding support and encouragement within those who call themselves followers of Christ? How can anyone who loves Jesus be this way?

Christ Himself said there would be a way for others to know we were His.

Let me give you a new command: Love one another. In the same way I loved you, you love one another. This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples-when they see the love you have for each other.

John 13:34,35 The Message

I have been thinking all night about this poor man. If he truly sees nothing wrong with what he has been doing maybe he needs to find the Jesus who loves us enough to give Himself for us. I am unsure if he has found the "real thing". His denomination has no formal creed or confession. While such is not a requirement, they are helpful tools to support a believer's journey in faith. Studying and proving for yourself they are true reinforces your faith. He has been challenging others to define their faith. Maybe he is questioning himself. For some, putting down others is a way to try to affirm themselves.

Regardless of the reasons for his behavior, certain things are apparent. He doesn't understand how friendship works nor the command Jesus gave all of us who love Him. If you have a moment to spare, please pray for him. He needs to know how to share in the love of God. Thanks.

12 June 2005


In a twisted turn of what could only be described as God's colossal sense of humor, Dave's sermon this week dealt with an issue I have been pondering of late. Last week one of the children I love e-mailed me her latest query in her quest for knowledge. "What is heaven?" I have thought about it often in an attempt to figure out what I was going to say to her. I know all the usual details of pearly gates, streets of gold, and many mansions. This would mean little to her and frankly it doesn't mean much to me.

So what does heaven mean to me?

On a personal physical level it means the absence of pain. As a person with whom chronic pain resides, this is a marvelous thing.

On a spiritual level it means so much more. Right now I can just attempt to know the joy of living in God's presence. At best I only achieve what is a pale imitation of what I know it will be. Heaven will be the most perfect moment of my life, and it will never end. I long for the sweetness of existing with my love. It will be the fulfillment of my life. The idea of heaven is so wondrous mere words can not suffice. Now, how do I answer a nine year old girl's question?

I am reminded of wisdom which was imparted to me by another little girl years ago. I used to care for a trio of fantastic girls. One of them asked me one day if she would be able to have her favorite doll when she went to heaven. I told her that the Bible tells us we will not want for anything there, not mentioning she would probably not want her doll. She pressed this issue. I finally said I didn't know everything about heaven and that some things would remain a mystery until I got there. She then told me there was a way to find the answer. "Whatever you want to know just ask God and get the answer. But you have to be sure to shut up, because if you are too busy talking you will never be able to hear his answer and will only hear yourself." Profound advice from anyone, especially so from a five year old.

Many times since that day I have remembered those wise words. I think I will use them as I reply to the little inquisitor. It will be good for her to know I don't have all the answers. I do however know the One who does. That's enough for me.