31 January 2004

Modern ways

Got my W-2 today and cruised over to the IRS website to see how to file my taxes. In the space of 26 minutes I was able to file my taxes and print out all the appropriate records.

Of course this was only possible because I can file with the basic forms without a lot of accompanying papers.

Citizenship is getting easier and easier to bear. Taxes don't seem as big if you can deal with them quickly.

29 January 2004

New car

It is official! I have a car. A 2002 Nissan Sentra. I pulled away from the dealership and made it 5 miles before I got caught in a traffic jam. Houston is always a little congested but with the Super Bowl just days away, it has become all encompassing. Oh to be part of the joy that is driving in Houston!

On a side note, not needing to catch a bus today I found them on the road everywhere I went. I truly must have had bus demons. Now that I am no longer riding, the demons have moved on. This is a good thing as I need the return of my parking angels. It will be much easier for them to find me parking spaces if the are not having to do battle with the demons.

Car shopping

I spent the day chasing buses, walking, and talking to car salesmen. Most were polite and helpful. They treated me with dignity and respect for my intelligence. That made dealing with the lone idiot easier to bear. He attempted to tell me how to buy a car. When I didn't acquiesce he tried intimidation.

Poor man, he had no idea that would not work. His superiors will be hearing from me and I will be buying a car from his competitor. I didn't respond to his insults, but they will come back to haunt him when I inform his boss. Moral: Let someone else get even for you, never waste your own energy.

28 January 2004

The web

Tomorrow is a big day. I am scheduled to visit car dealerships tomorrow and Thursday. I have been browsing web sites for an eternity, well, eight months. It has been an interesting experience and saved a lot of wear and tear on my feet.

You can shop for anything on-line now. It seems the web may turn out to be the one thing that will homogenize the world. Now you are no longer limited to your geographical location. With a computer and internet access you can travel the world.

Still, there has been a way to cover the world which has been in use for centuries. It's called prayer.
In prayer you can reach out to anyone anywhere. You can touch people you know and complete strangers. The greatest thing about prayer is the ability to converse with the living God. It's the only way to contact Him. God doesn't have e-mail or a web address.

Unlike the web, where you must have a computer and a connection, you can find God by simply asking. There is no monthly fee, or need for technical support. So when you find yourself wanting the best way to connect, just talk to God.

26 January 2004

Odds and ends

The last few days have been an eclectic mix of things.

Dealing with not getting a job because I don't have a car. Telling the powers that be that I would get a car in 48 hrs. Being told that it won't matter because I can't be hired without an auto.

Many conversations with insurance agents.

Spending some time with a friend teaching her computer skills.

A nighttime dash to the beach on the ferry. Scooping sand and shells for a classroom full of preschoolers. Trying to take pictures in the almost moonless night.

All in all it's not a bad ride on the search for employment merry-go-round. You just have to look for the fun.

24 January 2004


I was awakened a few minutes ago because I forgot to shut down my computer and an email notifier woke me up. A sweet friend named Michelle was just letting a bunch of us know she had just been in her first wreck. It made me realize anew that although I am unhappy about the higher premiums I'll face I am thankful that everyone was able to walk away from the accident.

I am very grateful the same can be said for Michelle, she'll probably be sore in the morning but she's going to be o.k. God has been so very good to us to keep this wonderful young woman safe.

No complaints from me. Only thanks.


Well, I missed posting yesterday. I was on the phone late to get an insurance quote for a car I am thinking of buying. My car was totaled last May. I got the ticket but I still don't believe it was my fault. I did the defensive driving thing and got the ticket removed. However, because of the wreck on my record and the fact I haven't had insurance for the last 8 months, it will cost between $1500-$2000 to get insurance on a new car for six months. I explained the reason I hadn't had insurance recently is because I didn't have a car. Seems that doesn't count. The moral of the story, insure the car you no longer have because it's cheaper than letting it go. Guess I should have gone in debt right away rather than waiting to buy a car.

Put this story in your makes no sense files.

22 January 2004

Safe at Home

Tonight when I go to bed, even though I live in a large urban area, I will feel safe. I can do this because I don't live in the most dangerous place in America.

The most dangerous place to live in this country is in your mother's womb. In the last 31 years 40 million children have been killed while in their mother's womb. It is the one place in America where you have no rights or privileges.

Tonight when you are tucked safely in your bed, please remember and pray for the little ones who need our care.

21 January 2004

Going deaf

I've read many summaries of last night's address. Most of what I found in all the interpretations are things I didn't hear. I must be going deaf.


Maybe all the folks writing summaries have creative hearing and change what they hear into what they want to hear.

Just a thought.

20 January 2004


I watched the State of the Union Address and liked most of what I heard. I didn't like some of what I saw. Mrs. Clinton made faces and rolled her eyes often. She has the right to like or dislike anything. She does need to remember that she was listening to the President of the United States. I disliked practically everything about her husband but respected the office he held. It is past time for her to practice a little of that tolerance she always wants others to show.

Learning new things

Well, I am proud of myself for making script changes which now allow you to post comments.

I am very happy to have found a free site without all the commercial hype. It was shared with me by a dear old friend in California. Thanks Vicky!

Have a great day.

19 January 2004

Happy Birthday to Sharon!

Houston is a grand city, provided you are not afoot. Life without a car in this metroplex can seem daunting at times. I've been run in to crossing a street (yes, I had the little light up sign telling me to walk), splashed upon and experienced the vanishing bus syndrome.

Still, if I had a car now I would probably be stuck in traffic somewhere.