24 September 2004

Being Judged

After spending the day in a fruitless search for extra work I was ready to pack it all in. Unfortunately there was still much more to come.

The lady mentioned in my previous entry called me back. She started with a tirade questioning my Christianity as I was unwilling to help her. She asked why I wouldn't work for her. I told her it had disturbed me that she had broken her word not to call me at work. She said that was not a good reason to abandon someone. I informed her that I have worked many times in the past for people who did not keep their word and did not wish to do so again.

She began telling me all the reasons she had to have gone back on her promise. She didn't apologize but just listed her excuses. She asked me if what she had done was unforgivable. I told her that nothing was beyond the boundaries of forgiveness. Still, she had yet to ask for mine. Too bad she couldn't bring herself to apologize, I would have forgiven her and then tried to find some way to help her.

She stated I could not be a Christian or I would not have treated her this way. I explained to her that I knew myself to be a Christian as I have an ongoing personal relationship with Jesus Christ. After continuing to yell at me for a few more minutes she at last hung up.

I headed downstairs to let Sharon know of the situation. For her accounting of the events visit her blog. After three or four minutes the woman called back. She was still loud and now rather mean spirited. She attempted to sway me with badly misquoted scripture about judging others and the wrath of God. I explained that I was not judging her but that how we behave in an instant gives witness to our true character. (refer here for more)

She said my faith was worthless as I was unwilling to help a fellow Christian. I reiterated I was comfortable in my belief I was a child of God and that she was mistaken about how much I helped others. I explained there were several areas where I gave of my time and talents.

Sadly I could see no way to reach this woman. She wouldn't let me finish a sentence without interrupting using harsh and hateful words. She hung up after telling me I was the sorriest witness of God she had ever known.

Five minutes later she called again with one final proclamation.

"This is __________________, I just want you to know you will never have God's mercy because you have shown no mercy to me." She hung up for what I hope was her final insult.

At that point I felt a heavy sadness for this woman. I do not believe that any one who can be this rude and cruel knows the love of God. Even worse, she has been deceived into believing she is one of His and it will be hard to convince her she needs a Savior.

If you've taken the time to read this all the way through, thanks. I would like to ask a favor of you. Please pray for this woman. She needs God's love.

21 September 2004

But...I'm a Christian!

Today has been a very unusual day. Things were good but goofy at work. Lot's of odd requests and thinking so far outside of the box it could not be found.

My roommate had someone contact her who needed some computer work done. Knowing how close to destitution I hover, she referred them to me. While she was still talking to the woman the bomb was dropped. She assumed that I would be willing to work for nothing, since I would be helping another christian (yes I used a lower case, and not to slight Christ, but those who use their connection to Him for their own advantage). After this woman agreed not to call me at work, but to wait to contact me this evening the call came to a close.

At about 5:45 this evening, I got a call at work from this woman. She asked if I would be willing to help her and could I please do it inexpensively as she was another christian woman seeking help from a fellow believer. Not knowing she had already spoken to Sharon, I was intent on just getting her off the phone as I was still on the clock. She threw a Praise God into every other sentence and really played the poor old woman card. I know where she lives, she can't be poor and live there. I told her I would be calling her later this week to see about setting up a time to get together.

I came home and got the full report on her from Sharon. I will be calling this potential client tomorrow to decline the opportunity of working for her. To those who find this odd, let me address why and how I made this decision.

I give of my time to several good causes of my choosing. I do not want someone who tries to bully me into helping them out by spouting Christian catch phrases.

I have to support myself and see no shame in it. I am a laborer who is worthy of her hire. Asking for and receiving payment for services rendered does not in any way lessen my commitment to my Lord.

Anyone who cannot even keep her word for an afternoon, is not someone I want to work for. (remember she promised not to call me at work)

Lastly, I trust my instincts. I felt unease the entire time I spoke with her. I believe the Holy Spirit gives us guidance all day long. We just need to recognize it for what it is instead of trying to rationalize or ignore it.

So for these reasons, this poor girl is turning down work.

19 September 2004

Random thoughts

Made it to Armchair Apologetics this week. We are doing the Alpha course. I have done bits and pieces of it before but not in this format. We break into small groups for sharing and prayer after the main session. A new thing for me is being in a group where I didn't know anyone. I am enjoying it greatly.

Work is going well, just not enough of it. I'm out drumming up business to augment the rather anemic income. Not to panic though, God is very good at taking care of me.

On that note I want to share an Irish blessing one of my sweet friends sent to me.

Always remember to forget
The things that made you sad.
But never forget to remember
The things that made you glad.

Always remember to forget
The friends that proved untrue.
But never forget to remember
Those that have stuck by you.

Always remember to forget
The troubles that passed away.
But never forget to remember
The blessings that come each day.

Good advice I'll be sure to be remembering a long time

04 September 2004

Day off

I won't know what to do with myself tomorrow. It's my first day off in ten days!

I'm thinking a nice long nap after church sounds good. Still I should probably attend to the hundreds of little tasks I have been letting slip by. I know laundry will rear it's ugly head. I'm out of clean clothes for work on Monday. And yes, I am laboring of Labor Day.

Still, maybe I can squeeze in a little nap.

02 September 2004

The balloons have fallen

The convention is over. I was able to only catch bits and pieces of tonight's activities since I had to work. I will confess that the best moments for me have been catching glimpses of my brother-in-love on the screen. I was very thrilled to be able to see his address to the convention on Monday. He did a great job and I was soooooo proud of him.

The whole experience has been grand. The music has been good, the speeches for the most part filled with touches of humor. I didn't get to hear most of Mr. Miller's remarks. I understand he went quite a bit over the top. I hope to read his transcript.

I can say I have been impressed with most of the invocations and benedictions. It speaks volumes about the people that they make the prayers part of their gathering.

Now that it is over it is time for us all to get busy on working to get out the vote. We have little more than two months to get everyone mobilized. Tell someone every day to be sure to vote in the election.