26 May 2006

This and that

I've learned new things recently. Spending time with children teaches me much. The girls and I set up a mini-spa in the family room the other night. One sister would be the massage recipient while the other two would help me give the massage. Conversation was abundant and varied.

We turned the lights down low and put on some Celtic music. We discussed many important and unimportant issues. Why lotion should be warm before you slap it on your sister's back. The need (or not) for matching knickers for twins. Why God likes it when you help someone even if they don't ask for it. Why you sometimes shouldn't help your sister especially if she doesn't ask for it. How it makes Jesus happy when you listen to your daddy. I was told Jesus is the most important thing ever so making Him happy is a big deal.

It was fun to sit and listen to them chatting. At one point Meredith told Sara she was the best big sister in the whole world. She said " I hope we can be together forever." Those moments are golden, you can't arrange them they just happen.

After finishing off the "spa" time we gathered in the little girls room for story time and prayers. Meredith says the same prayer every night. She says God is expecting it and she doesn't want to let Him down.

Julia treats each prayer time as a chance to bring anything and everything to the Lord. What happened to her that day, help to be a good girl and why she loves God are usually present in her prayers. It is awesome that a four year old child has figured out what prayer is supposed to be.

I love that God uses children to teach me so much.

Learning more,


14 May 2006

My mum

I am who I am thanks to her enormous influence.

She is who I want to be.

Most importantly she is one of the best friends I will ever have.

Thank you God for giving me to her.

With much love and appreciation,


11 May 2006


To those who have e-mailed me about why it is wrong to baptize infants, I am not going to argue with you. I cannot change your mind and only God can change your heart. My comments in my blog on the 8th were meant to show the comfort parents can find in trusting God to keep his promises.

I will instead list a few things I discovered about baptism as I was reading some of my favorite blogs today.

If you are a child and want the latest and greatest baptism you can do so at a fire engine which shoots confetti. Check out the children's ministry at this church in Springdale, Arkansas. The video message from one of the kids even states coming to "Toon Town" at church is like visiting a theme park. (It should, it's designed by a former Disney guy)

There is also a church that answers the question "Will this church baptize a person who is unmarried and lives with another person?" The answer is yes. The question immediately following the baptism one asks what the Bible says about homosexuality. Doesn't say if you can be baptized as a homosexual but since the previous question allows you to be baptized while you continue to live in sin, it shouldn't be a problem. Well, I guess it might make a difference since many churches separate the sin of homosexuality from others and consider it the most evil of all.

I'm only going to address this issue one time. So here it is:

We are all born in sin and in need of a Savior. God does not keep a scorecard with points awarded for different sins. Sin is sin and that is all there is to it! Get over whatever phobias and irrationality you may be clinging to and realize the gay community needs God as much as we all do.

Coming down off the soapbox,


10 May 2006

Joining the rest of us

Has anyone been following the Memphis Declaration in which the signees are repenting of the narcissism of Southern Baptists? It goes on to repent of arrogance and judging instead of loving. I will admit I didn't think I would ever read such a document from anyone in the Southern Baptist Convention.

I used to belong to a group of people who called themselves believers who participated in an e-mail Bible study. I'll grant that they were all church members, but I don't think I'd endorse anything further. The leader would address a scripture and his views on the same. We would all pass comments back and forth. As the only non-Baptist in the group, I would often be the recipient of many comments stating how wrong my views were. Rarely was this pointed out to me in a kind or considerate manner. The nature of the mail sent my way was hateful and cruel. I would usually find my inbox full of mail stating how I must "be listening to the devil", "not really saved", "an agent of Satan", and words I'll not repeat here for they are too vile. These would all be addressed to me personally, unlike most of the mail that was exchanged freely between us all.

It was during this time I adopted a ban on dating Baptist men. I will admit to remaining part of the group out of morbid curiosity. After all, I have two sisters, two brothers-in-law, nieces, nephews and cousins too many to count who are all Baptist. We don't have any trouble getting along. Is it because they are family? Or is it because they are secure in their faith and don't need to defend it by attacking others?

"We would be in the best shape if
we kept in essentials, Unity;
in non-essentials, Liberty;
and in both Charity."

This motto works well within my family. Maybe you can help me convince all the followers of Jesus it's the way to go.



P.S. The ban on dating Baptists is now reviewed on a case by case basis.

08 May 2006

Too many

There is something I have done too much of in my life and I pray never to do again. I have been to too many funerals with tiny caskets. I thought today as I found myself facing this that it is my fervent wish never to do so again.

Realistically, I know this will happen in the future. I work with terminally ill children. Attending more funerals is a foregone conclusion. Today's was made bearable in a small way because of the family's unwavering relationship with Jesus. The parents trusted Him to take their child home to heaven. They made a covenant with God when their babe was tiny, sealing him into the family of God with his baptism. That fact made today a tiny bit easier for them. There is nothing worse than losing a child and I believe the only way to survive is with a sure trust that God is with you.

Believing God keeps His promises,


04 May 2006

01:02:03 04/05/06

Got an email from a friend in England who had sat up last night to watch her clock roll over to the above mentioned time. She asked if I had done the same last month as "you Americans don't keep the date right". I told her I might have been up for it but didn't make a special effort and that I do often write the date as day/month/year. It's how my dad does it and I learned it from him.

She threw a party and had six of her friends come over for good food, Narnia and clock watching. Only in Britain.

Could be why I loved my time there.


03 May 2006


It's not insomnia if there is something keeping you awake. The result is the same though. I imagine I'll be a pretty tired lady at work tomorrow (actually it will be later today).

Still, there have been some benefits to this happening the last few months. I spend more time in prayer than I ever thought possible. There's not a whole lot to do in the middle of the night when you aren't able to sleep. Spending the time with your best friend is a great way to make the passage of the same better.

Many years ago I learned a type of meditation called centering prayer. It's something I do each morning to anchor my day. All this extra time to put it to use is definitely a major part in how I have been able to cope lately.

So, while sleep would be great, I'll find another way to make good use of the night.

Sweet dreams,