20 March 2014


As today's weather has been a rare temperate time, I've been driving around town with my window down. My last errand was to check on a friend's house and feed the critters. I left my window down while I was in the house. (Yes, I know I live in Houston. But since I had passed a cop on the corner I felt safe to do so.) When I got in the car I checked the backseat as per my usual routine. Seeing nothing, I started the engine and began the 3.5 mile drive home. I thought I heard something funny but couldn't see anything wrong. After I had parked I went to reach over to the passenger seat to get my purse. Standing on the seat right next to my bag was the cutest little squirrel. We looked at each other for a long moment. Realizing even the best of friends would have trouble believing my tale I slowly began to sneak my hand over to get my phone to obtain photographic evidence. My sweet furry friend seemed to freeze for a moment and then bolted across my lap out the window and down the sidewalk! There was nothing left to do but to laugh loudly and explain what happened to my neighbor who had come running. He had seen the squirrel's exit from the car and wanted to check on me!

I hope this tale has given you a moment of joy on this first day of spring!