23 August 2017

Kindness in character is still around

This past weekend was a mighty challenge. What began Thursday evening as a migraine and some joint pain, blew up into a mighty migraine and every joint in pain by the time Saturday morning came to call. I was trying every trick in the book to alleviate any of the symptoms. I was successful in abating them a bit in order to join my sister at a show Saturday night.

When Sunday morning dawned it was a whole new story. By that time things were so bad I woke up crying. I spent a couple of hours in prayer and almost that same amount of time getting ready for church. I made it into the sanctuary just as the service was beginning. When it came time for the scripture reading I was hunting through my purse for my phone. For the last few years, in order to lessen what I need to carry around, I use a Bible on my phone. When I couldn't find it I picked up the pew Bible and read along. I wasn't too concerned as I have been known to leave my phone at home.

When I made it home, I couldn't find the darn thing. Thankfully McAfee protects all of my devices and I can always search for their location. It was then I discovered it had somehow gotten out of my purse without realizing it and was left at church.

Amazingly one of the awesome folks we have on staff had discovered it. He had even taken the trouble to sketch this drawing to indicate where it was found! I am so thankful God reminded me of the blessings to be received at church even when I am feeling awful.

While the sermon was good, observing the children during the children's message was hilarious, the music was uplifting, it was the kindness in character shown by this individual which made the biggest impact on my heart. Times are troubled, and the world is a frightening place, but people of God are still willing to show kindness to their fellow man. It may have seemed a small thing, but it meant a lot to me!

11 December 2015

Praying my bad attitude away

Absolutely gutted! In the many attempts to fix my phone the technician accidently wiped my SD card and all of my photos are gone! ....and the phone is still having problems. Sprint area manager first tried blaming me for the trouble then backed down. I try to keep things upbeat but it's not easy. My phone is the only "luxury" I have. No cable TV, a TV that is often a radio, no computer, no camera....my phone is my only toy.

So, I'm going to take my rotten attitude & pray it away. Time for some serious bedtime prayers and an overnight attitude adjustment! Very thankful for my comfy bed tonight!

02 December 2015

Whinging or gratitude?? A bit of both

Warning; to quote my Goddaughter "there will be major whinging now!"

There are dishes in the sink because the dishwasher needs to be unloaded, vacuuming and mopping need doing, and there's a lovely tree on my living room floor which needs decorating!

Returning to a spirit of gratitude; soup was on sale when I went to the store yesterday, my favorite blanket is nice & cuddly, fever is coming back to under 100°, and I found the menthol tissues I had in the closet!

18 September 2015

Everything is better with butter!

White chocolate & cranberry rice krispie treats. Admittedly an easy thing to make for tomorrow's Cookies for Kids' Cancer bakesale. That is unless the butter goes flying while you are trying to coat your hands. But it was the ricochet off of the ceiling fan that took everything to the next level. After colliding with the corner of the thermostat it knocked over the lamp! Life surely is fun here in my little corner of the world!  :-)

28 August 2015

Enjoying moments

It's not a big disappointment when the TV does its radio impression during a performance of the Vienna Philharmonic. Even the absence of the beauty of Vienna cannot fade the loveliness  of Sibelius, Greig, and Richard & Johann Straus!

16 July 2015

Sometimes what's good for the environment is bad for me!

To all my pals who joined me in the pledge of "if it's under a mile I'll walk for my errands" I have an addendum to propose. This Texas dweller feels those of you in Canada, Korea, Minnesota, North Carolina, Scotland, England, Cornwall and Switzerland would be open to the following: You let me off for summer and I'll let you off for winter!

04 July 2015

Happy Independence Day!

My giggle for this holiday? Coworker signs off on radio yesterday; I wish her a Happy Independence Day. Moments later I hear a chuckle behind me and realize I had just wished a Happy Independence Day to my new friend America

21 June 2015


I have learned and continue to learn so much from this man. His life modeled lessons include integrity, kindness, generosity, compassion, faithfulness  and through it all how to be an obedient servant to our Amazing God! He's a steadfast example of the admonition in Micah, "to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God." I give thanks to my Heavenly Father for the gift He gave me in the man I'm proud to call Daddy!

11 June 2015

Tidy matters

Good times: skyping early rising Goddaughter in Cambridge.

Bad times: Dealing with vexatious mosquito while doing same.

Priceless: hearing her unbridled laughter as I chase the darned thing around the apartment and finally drop the phone!

Lesson: it pays to make sure everything is tidy under your bed.  You can't tell just when someone will be seeing under there!