26 April 2008

It's official

I came home on my lunch hour and signed the lease. I got to see the inside of my new place. It's adorable. Small and cute, just the size I needed. The appliances are fairly new and new accessories are being put in place in the bathroom. The bathroom is right off the bedroom so no more heading down the hall for that. The closet is about twice as big as my present closet. I am currently occupying the child's room of our two bedroom unit.

I am just tickled pink. When I got to work this morning several people asked about my meeting with the leasing agent. I told them what had happened and they were just as stunned as I. It was great to have an opportunity to tell how God had blessed me through the entire event. I was able to share how my believing God would take care of me had allowed me to find peace in some trying times.

I will get to take possession of the place on Tuesday. First order of business is to clean everything and line all the shelves. From there it will be a series of a multitude of small trips down the stairs and across the street. I'm hoping all the trips will not include any with me tripping.

I will try to post after I get in place. It will be a little difficult as I won't have Internet access for a while. I need to get all the utilities in place before I spend anything on that. I'll be checking my email on my phone.

Thanks for all your great support, it was and is much appreciated.

Continuing to rely on God's goodness,


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