21 June 2015


I have learned and continue to learn so much from this man. His life modeled lessons include integrity, kindness, generosity, compassion, faithfulness  and through it all how to be an obedient servant to our Amazing God! He's a steadfast example of the admonition in Micah, "to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God." I give thanks to my Heavenly Father for the gift He gave me in the man I'm proud to call Daddy!

11 June 2015

Tidy matters

Good times: skyping early rising Goddaughter in Cambridge.

Bad times: Dealing with vexatious mosquito while doing same.

Priceless: hearing her unbridled laughter as I chase the darned thing around the apartment and finally drop the phone!

Lesson: it pays to make sure everything is tidy under your bed.  You can't tell just when someone will be seeing under there!

09 June 2015


In an effort to leave no stone unturned, I have recently begun using a recorded hypnotherapy session to alleviate some of my daily aches and pains.  Often I'll use my lunch half hour to recharge for the rest of the workday.  I park under a nice shady tree. I open the windows and then recline the seat to get nice and comfy. Today I was just about two thirds of the way through the episode when God reminded me He is the author of laughter and wanted me to have a  moment of happiness.  I was listening to the phrase, "feel the pain washing away, you can feel the water washing away all the discomfort."  I suddenly thought "I'm getting this, I can feel the water on my face!" It was at that point I opened my eyes and realized the sprinklers had come on and I was getting soaked!

Sadly, I may not be the ideal candidate for this therapy but I definitley appreciate when God winks at me and sends me moments of pure joy!