22 February 2004


I am having my DSL switched to a point closer to us in order to lessen problems. This will also give me much faster speeds. For this to happen I will have the service terminated for about a week. I will be back to the little remembered process of having to use dial-up. For those of you who have not gone high-speed yet, be warned, there is no going back. It loses it's novelty and becomes the expected. You will never want to return to the early days of surfing at molasses speeds. That being said, I don't know how often I'll be blogging until I am back up.

Last night I experienced speed of another sort. I went to spend a few hours with some of my favorite little girls. There is nothing on this world faster than a two year old. Being with twin twos and an older sister was great fun and very exhausting. Being considerably older than two, I no longer have their speed. Still, a good time was had by all. Time with kids is great and forces you to be sure your priorities are in order. Best of all is the joy you find when you are close to those so "fresh from the hand of God".

20 February 2004


The past few weeks have given me plenty to think about. Searching for work has taken over most of my days, but thoughts of my mom have overwhelmed my evenings.

Mom is alright but has been having a few problems which have led her to spend quite a bit of time making new friends in the medical community. I love my mom very much, and I thank God for my parents every day.

Mom is so much more to me than just a parent. She is my best friend. She supports me in my crazy adventure of a life. She challenges me to try new things by her own life example. She doesn't say "I told you so". She has taught me to laugh at some of the less than stellar things I have done by laughing with me and not at me. She has taught me everything I know about being a gracious, compassionate, Godly woman. When I fall short of that it is through my own shortcomings, not anything she failed to teach me.

I know that someday one of us will leave for heaven while the other stays behind. Still, on the day that will seem to separate us I will lose two people important in my life, my mom and my best friend.

So pardon my rambling and waxing sentimental. I'm so grateful for the blessing of my mother that I wanted to let everyone know how fantastic she is to me.

N.B. In case you are wondering, my dad is equally fantastic, it was just mom's turn for praise.

18 February 2004

Electronic life

At the end of January I blogged about how easy it was to e-file my tax return. Well the story has come full circle. Last night my tax refund was electronically deposited into my account.

What used to take months when I first began filing my taxes is now completed over a network of energy surging through various computers in two short weeks. Not yet up to the speed of the "Jestons" but quick enough for me.

Now, if I could just fly my car over traffic.

15 February 2004


I like this day. All of my days seem the same as I search for work. This day always is the anchor to my week as it stands apart from the others. Even though I have had a few interviews on Sunday, this day is always different.

On this day I get to move from my personal relationship with God, to fellowship with others who love and worship Him. This is what makes the rest of the week work. Today I was surrounded by people who love me just because I am one of God's children. They encourage and challenge me. They help me to follow our Father by sharing His love and what He has done in their lives.

This is why I have to attend church. Not because it is expected, or the "right thing to do", or even some misplaced notion of duty. I go because being in the midst of God's people is the closest thing to heaven here on earth.

12 February 2004

A visit to Night Court

This evening I took a friend to Night Court to deal with her first traffic ticket. A fairly routine operation. What made this unique is the fact that she was experiencing American justice for the first time. She has not been in this country for many years, so the whole situation was a new one for her.

She did great and the entire visit was shorter than the drive in to town. She was calm and seemed to be excited to have accomplished this task. If you are wondering how that can be you must know what was going on outside of the courtroom. There were many folks who were lifting her up in prayer and surrounding her in the peace that only comes from surrender to Jesus. Tonight was just another example of God's faithfulness to those who call upon His name.

Her next new thing will be attending Defensive Driving school. She'll do alright there too. It's all in Who you know.

Strange but true

I check out the strange news on the AP every few days. The past couple of weeks have been weird in Europe. A cow walked into a bank in Berlin. I assumed that was the strange part. What made the cow's visit to the bank stand out was the fact the cow was supposed to be at a wedding. It seems that after her ceremony the bride was to milk a cow to demonstrate her skills at caring for a family.

Speaking of weddings, a woman in France married her fiance' last week. The strange part here is that he had been dead since 2002. There can be no comment on just how twisted that is.

A newspaper in Switzerland carried an obituary of a cat complete with picture. Strangeness here is that they did not realize it was a cat. Even with the picture they thought it was a child. However, now they believe pet obits are a good idea and will run them in a separate section of the paper.

10 February 2004

More Job Info

Today I, along with many other applicants, made my way to a furniture retailer of Swedish origin. The wait was long but well worth it. I interviewed first with an assistant and was asked to remain to meet with another interviewer. I took this as a good sign as all those who had gone before me had left immediately after their visit.

I was asked about my ideas, my designs, and my willingness to work. She said I would hear from her within a week either to set up another interview or I would receive a post card letting me know there were no openings for which I would be suited.

So, I am on another countdown to possible post card of rejection. Still, until it comes I am looking forward to a phone call of acceptance.

08 February 2004

Not a good idea

Some pilot for a major U.S. airline pulled a boner which should have nothing but negative fallout for the Christian community. He asked for all the Christians on board to raise their hands. He then suggested the others ask the Christians about their faith. Now on it's face, nothing he did was wrong. He just hasn't figured out the dynamics of reaching folks on a personal level.

I am supposed to live my life in a way that others will see Christ in me. That seems to imply they must have time to know me, if even for a little while. For this to happen, I must spend time with those who have not yet met my Lord.

Jesus went to the everyday man, those called heathen, and the despised. There was little chance He would have ever seen them if He had stayed in the synagogue. When He was with them He met their needs, He listened to their woes, He gave them comfort. He even performed His first miracle at a social gathering, not in the temple.

There has to be a middle ground between remaining the frozen chosen in the pew, and accosting strangers in the street. There are so many in need of a Savior, someone to love them unconditionally. Be a mirror of God's love in your neighborhood. Reflect Christ's compassion with those at work. Volunteer to meet a need in your community. Show those you come in contact with that the Body of Christ is alive and well.

This means you are going to have to move out of your comfort zone. But let me tell you a little known fact about doing just that. Once you move away from what you perceive to be comfort, you will find the comfort goes with you. You can't go anywhere where the grace of God doesn't go with you. So keep this in mind, and find a place to make a difference in your community. Teach someone to read, feed the hungry, build a home for the homeless, visit someone in the hospital, take a shut-in shopping, volunteer at a neighborhood school, talk to the guy in line with you at Starbucks.

Take a pointer from Nike............Just do it.

07 February 2004

An epidemic of deafness

I have come to the conclusion that most everyone in my apartment complex is either deaf or headed that way. I wasn't going to post today and decided to turn in early. In the last hour three different people have shared their music from their cars. If your car stereo can vibrate my bedroom on the second floor, YOU HAVE THE VOLUME TOO HIGH!

I enjoy music as much as the next guy, but I like to choose it for myself. While it is nice to have neighbors who want to share, perhaps they could share something else. I know, why don't we have a cookie exchange. People could come to a central location where the volume on the stereo could be set at a level which would not damage their ears. The knob on the stereo would be removed, and they would receive cookies in exchange.

Just a thought from a very tired music lover.

06 February 2004

Too busy for someone who doesn't have a job

You would think my current phase of unemployment should lead to lots of blogging. This has not been true. Looking for work has become my full time job. While I haven't got any more post cards, I have been told often that there just aren't any openings. I have more interviews set up all the way through next week, so there is still hope.

Having just switched wireless phone providers I'll have tons of work learning how to operate my new phone.

Still, being free gave me time to catch up with my brother-in-love last night. He was in town for a conference and some campaign work. I missed hearing the Governor but he was not the reason for my travels through the rush hour roads. I got to see the candidate and give him and one of his staff a ride to the airport. All in all, a very good evening.

02 February 2004

Post card of rejection

A little over two weeks ago I applied for a job with a Texas grocery chain. Their hiring process is such that you never get to meet someone face to face until they are ready to hire you. If they are unimpressed with your application ,you are told you will receive a letter stating they have no need for a person with your skills.

Today I finally got their reply. It was a post card which began, "Dear Applicant". It is official. I have now been rejected with a post card. While reading the aforementioned, I began to laugh. The entire situation just seemed too ridiculous to be true. So the large Texas chain, known by it's three initials, has no room for me. I'm not bitter and will continue to shop there. It's just sad I never got the chance to even meet with them before they decided they had no need for me.

01 February 2004

Super Bowl

The game was great. A real pay attention or you might miss something extravaganza. It made up for spending this last week forever stuck in traffic. The pre-game show while long, was good. Very glad to see the honoring of the fallen astronauts. There were several moments in the show that precipitated a need for a handful of tissues. Josh Groban went over the top with his song and Beyonce performed the most fantastic rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

The half-time show was well done until the last few moments. Although she remained mostly covered, Janet Jackson gave the impression of exposing herself. Seems there is another Jackson with flawed values and no taste. I will be dropping a line to the NFL to recommend they choose someone other than MTV to produce the halftime show next year. Please think about doing so yourself.