31 August 2013

A big part of me

Dear Mama,

It's been a year today. A year since you journeyed to heaven to join our Savior. While my heart rejoices you are in such glory, it's been forever broken in missing you.  I never gave thought to how hard life would be when I no longer had you at hand. I forgot to factor the enormity of your impact in my life.

You were,

The one I could always turn to when life seemed more difficult than I could handle.

The one I could be silly with and share my oddball sense of humor.

The one to always offer comforting support coupled with gentle wisdom to give my soul ease.

A woman who listened with her heart and listened well.

A guide who blazed the trail in my journey to become a woman after God's purpose.

A friend with whom I could chat, big or small and everything in between had been encompassed in our conversations.

A kindred soul with whom even spending time together doing nothing brought a sense of peace.

So, I miss you mum, more than I ever dreamed I could miss anyone! And I find myself grateful that I do miss you this much. For I know there are many in this world for whom no such loss occurs. They never had the gift I was given in you! I was blessed with a treasure in you and I thank my heavenly Father for His generosity!

Looking forward to the day when I join you again.



25 June 2013

Glad to be back

The loss of a computer years ago saw me trying many different methods to stay connected here. No matter how good of an app I could find, none made it very manageable as long as I was limited to the touch keyboard on my phone.

Thanks to the generosity of my sweet daddy I'm the proud owner of a new bluetooth
keyboard. I'm already amazed at how wonderful it is to be able to type like a regular person again. I've missed that.

So keep a lookout here as I plan to be back more frequently now that it's easier to get here!

A very happy camper,