27 March 2008

What makes you that way?

This is a question I have been asked quite a lot in the last few weeks. You'll need a little background to understand the reasoning. My computer's motherboard crashed. No problem, just send it back to the manufacturer and they will return it good as new.

My computer made it to it's destination and sat there for nine days with no one seeing to it. After many hours and several days on the phone I finally reached the upper tier of service in Canada. I spent a great deal of time talking to one woman in particular. While we were talking she thanked me for remaining calm. I told her it was not of my doing. I explained I had been feeling frustrated prior to calling her and spent some time in prayer asking God to calm my heart and help me to remember that the person on the other end of the line was one of His creations. She was silent for a moment and asked me why would I pray about my computer. I explained that in everything I do I try to do it as if for the Lord Himself. I told her the concept was not mine alone and shared with her the story of Brother Lawrence's life. We ended up chatting for quite a while, and again the next week when she called to see how the computer was working.

We were also covering disciplines in our Lent in the Living Room class and the question came up again. I had a particularly trying afternoon of designing for three engineers back to back. Now I mean no disrespect to engineers in particular but they sometimes feel the rest of us are not quite up to their level when it comes to understanding the function of design. The last gentleman I was helping kept insisting he knew what he was doing and I should just let him show me the best way to do my job. I know the only way to deal with these guys is to smile politely and mentally chant "God made this man, God made this man." until the urge to slap the arrogance from his being passes. I have found this always works and helps me to keep my heart light. When the aforementioned man left his wife turned to me and thanked me for being so kind to her husband. She asked me how I could be so nice when he was being so rude. I explained that I love the Lord and do everything as if it were for Him. I also said that when needed I mentally chanted until my heart caught up with my desire to please God. She gave me a hug and said it was something she would think of doing as well.

I would like to say that this is always my motivation for my life, but I know I fall short often. Right now I am seeking to make my life more focused on the Lord. I'll be moving soon and may be changing my job as well. Please pray that I'll be open to where the Lord leads me. I have a dear friend who meets with me each week so we can pray together that God will make our lives an offering unto Him. She has taught me so much by her willingness to make all of her life a gift to her Lord. In many ways she reminds me of my mom. She won't like the age comparison but I've told her enough about my mom that she'll be tickled pink.

Thank you Seti
and thanks mom.