29 March 2004


I am almost too tired to blog, but decided to have a go at it anyway.

Yesterday was a great day. I went to Austin to take some pictures of my brother-in-love and the family. The trip there was fantastic. This year the Texas roadsides have outdone themselves. We usually get wildflowers. The last few years the blossoming has been rather thin because of a variety of weather issues.

I stopped a couple of times and was able to capture some of the beauty on digital media. Somehow that just doesn't have the romance of capturing on film. I love my digital camera. I am grateful to not be wasting any film. I enjoy being able to choose which photos to keep right away.

Still..........something has been lost in the expectation. Taking pictures and hoping you had caught the moment you wanted. Dropping the film off and waiting for the pictures to come back (yes you young folks, in the olden days there wasn't a one-hour photo). Ripping open the package and finally getting to see how it all turned out.

There is something that is made all the sweeter by the waiting. Christmas, birthdays, vacations are all appreciated more by waiting for them.

So, my life is made easier and more manageable but the anticipation is gone. I think I miss it.

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