27 March 2004

Computer Woes

I have spent a good part of the last two days helping friends deal with an ailing computer. It had caught a small virus that was wreaking large amounts of havoc. They were unable to even get online for help in diagnosing the problem. I had downloaded updates and worm removal tools at my house last night. After running several search programs the problem finally came to light.

After removing the offending worm, we then went online to bring all the sytems up to date. Unfortunately on dial-up service downloading those can take the better part of a day. While that may seem frustrating, this part of the day was great. For one thing, it meant the problem had been solved. For another, I was able to chat with my friends. We even had time for a shopping errand while waiting for the computer to finish.

The day ended up being a great one as the fun time heavily outweighed the annoying time.

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