14 March 2004


This morning I awoke with thinking my ears were going to explode. Oh the joys of allergies. I tried twice to get up and stay up without much success. Dizziness is a life deterrent. Realizing I was in no shape to drive to church I finally made it downstairs to have some breakfast. When I went into the kitchen something caught my eye on the windowsill. Thinking a leaf had blown in I bent down for a closer look. To my complete surprise staring back at me was a teeny tiny frog. I watched him for a bit and then went upstairs to get my roommate to confirm I was not hallucinating. Verifying I was not going bonkers we began to think of ways to reunite Q-bert ( I love naming animals) with the great outdoors. After Sharon had opened the front door, I scooped him up in a plastic container and then set him free outside. He has since moved on and I fear he will never return to visit. Still, for a little while this morning, we had a pet.

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