18 June 2008

Think On

This is the title of a piece of Flair I designed myself. It is the on the crest of the Clan MacLellan. While thinking on is always good advice, it's beginnings as a family crest were to remind a King of his promise. There was a bandit who was terrorizing the area and the King promised a Barony to whomever could rid the countryside of this man. William MacLellan fought and killed the "Black Morrow" and took his head on the end of his sword to the King. When the King seemed to have forgotten the reward promised, MacLellan urged him to think on.

The MacLellan clan prior to this had been in Ireland regrouping from defeat in Scotland. Returning home to the Barony of Bomby kept the family out of trouble for a while. It seems the clan suffered many setbacks over the years but never failed to thrive. You can find descendants here in the USA, in Canada, and in Australia in large quantities.

A cousin has made the news of late with his book on the Bush administration. I have only read excerpts and have not read it in it's entirety but plan to do so. I do not know what compelled
him to write this book but maybe it all goes back to the family Motto to "Think On". I hope that his intent was to reflect on things that happened and give a better understanding to the same.

Still thinking,


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