15 June 2008

I am ready to face any challenges that might be foolish enough to face me

Over on Facebook I have a flair board with each piece chosen for their meaning in my life. I was thinking the other day that many were worthy of blogging. So that's what I am going to do. Hence the abnormally long title for this post.

I chose this one for the first offering because I had a new challenge face me this week. On Wednesday my knee gave out while I was in the shower and I bruised myself pretty well. So Thursday had a consult with my physical therapist as the highlight. She had mentioned last month that it might be time for me to consider using a cane to give myself a little help and relief. She knows my working days are spent entirely upon my feet. After our session she asked me if I had thought further about using a cane. I told her I had been considering it but had been hesitant to committing myself to it as it seemed to be giving in. She told me I was going to have to let go of my pride and do what was best for me. Frankly after the tumble on Wednesday I was closer to making that decision than I had ever been.

I left my therapy and headed to my doctor's house to drop off something for his father's birthday. He is my friend as well as physician, When I spoke with him about her suggestions regarding acquiring a cane for some assistance he said to do whatever would help me.

Friday I went to work and even with a long lunch hour to see my mom being honored at a Republican Women's luncheon, I was wiped out. Saturday I took my new cane to work with me and found I made it through the day a little better than I had all week.

Looks like I'll be keeping the cane and using it for all the help it can give me. It was hard to accept but I hope I can remember to see that every challenge gives me at least two options. I can do nothing or I can choose to see how I can do better.

Choosing to do better,


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