20 February 2004


The past few weeks have given me plenty to think about. Searching for work has taken over most of my days, but thoughts of my mom have overwhelmed my evenings.

Mom is alright but has been having a few problems which have led her to spend quite a bit of time making new friends in the medical community. I love my mom very much, and I thank God for my parents every day.

Mom is so much more to me than just a parent. She is my best friend. She supports me in my crazy adventure of a life. She challenges me to try new things by her own life example. She doesn't say "I told you so". She has taught me to laugh at some of the less than stellar things I have done by laughing with me and not at me. She has taught me everything I know about being a gracious, compassionate, Godly woman. When I fall short of that it is through my own shortcomings, not anything she failed to teach me.

I know that someday one of us will leave for heaven while the other stays behind. Still, on the day that will seem to separate us I will lose two people important in my life, my mom and my best friend.

So pardon my rambling and waxing sentimental. I'm so grateful for the blessing of my mother that I wanted to let everyone know how fantastic she is to me.

N.B. In case you are wondering, my dad is equally fantastic, it was just mom's turn for praise.

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