12 February 2004

Strange but true

I check out the strange news on the AP every few days. The past couple of weeks have been weird in Europe. A cow walked into a bank in Berlin. I assumed that was the strange part. What made the cow's visit to the bank stand out was the fact the cow was supposed to be at a wedding. It seems that after her ceremony the bride was to milk a cow to demonstrate her skills at caring for a family.

Speaking of weddings, a woman in France married her fiance' last week. The strange part here is that he had been dead since 2002. There can be no comment on just how twisted that is.

A newspaper in Switzerland carried an obituary of a cat complete with picture. Strangeness here is that they did not realize it was a cat. Even with the picture they thought it was a child. However, now they believe pet obits are a good idea and will run them in a separate section of the paper.

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