21 January 2009

Here a change, there a change, everywhere a change

This has nothing to do with politics. I just wanted to assure those who regularly come here to read my blog, that the rapidly changing page layout is nothing to worry about. I have not acquired blog schizophrenia. I am designing pages for others and always try the layout on my blog before turning it over to a customer.

It has become a way for me to earn something without having to stand. I still work four days a week at The Container Store. That is now my main job and I absolutely love it! I get to help people and work with some of the most generous and creative people around! I will confess however, that it is becoming harder and harder physically. Part of it is related to this being the worst time of the year for me. Constantly changing weather plays havoc with my disease. Winter in Houston is nothing but a series of changes. Things should get better later on in the year.

In the future whenever you happen to find your way back here and see things changed, smile, it probably means I got paid.

Changing all the time,


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Nancy Mon said...

I have been thinking about a blog update...and here you are! We'll talk...