02 February 2009


Tonight has been a "Man plans, God laughs" kind of night. I came home knackered, dropped the groceries on the floor grabbing only those needing refrigeration. Putting them away I decided a cheese sandwich and a long hot bath would be the perfect segue into an early night.

My knee gave out in the kitchen and the sandwich hit the floor. As long as I was down there anyway, I scrubbed the floor. Made a new sandwich and finally had dinner. Filled the tub with epsom salts and nice hot water. Just as I was readying to step in, my phone rang. Almost let it go but decided to see who it was just in case. A friend who is in the middle of financial straights was calling. I was torn; I really needed the heat to ease the pain in my joints, but she is having such a difficult time I just didn't feel right about not answering her call. When I finally got off the phone the water was cold. Drained the tub and started all over. Emerged from the tub all wrinkled and somewhat relieved. Opened the lotion to slather all over; I did. Motor skills being what they are, I dropped the bottle with the lid off and sent lotion all over the bathroom floor. Tonight just seems destined for me to scrub floors. As I sat in the lotion I couldn't help but laugh. Only God could take everyday occurrences and use them as life lessons for me to seek more laughter in my life.

So here I am at 10:30 pm having well missed what I hoped to be an early night. I find myself still smiling. There's a lot of truth in old Yiddish proverbs and I am glad. God reminded me tonight that even in the midst of pain laughter can be found if you just choose to find it. I'm heading to bed now, the groceries are still by the door, the dishwasher needs to be emptied, but I have the cleanest floors in town!

Sleep tight!


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