02 February 2005

Farewell to the Las Vegas airport

Tonight was the last session of my Calvinism in the Las Vegas Airport class. I was a bit late and snuck in the back. I had missed last week's class as I was in Dallas. I have enjoyed this series and this book is one I have truly loved and will recommend to others.

A Charles Spurgeon quote was in the required reading and also noted in class tonight. It is fast becoming one of my favorites.
" We win hearts for Jesus by love, by sympathy with their sorrows, by anxiety lest they should perish, by pleading with God for them with all our hearts that they would not be left to die unsaved, by pleading with them for God, that, for their own sake, they would seek mercy and find grace."

This touches on what has become a center point of my life. An Iraqi friend's family has made me welcome in their midst. This has been a great opportunity to reach out to some in Islam. Volunteering with an AIDS group gave me the chance to reach out to many homosexuals. In both cases it has been a blessing to me to be able to share God's love. For some it was the first time a "christian" ever approached them with anything other that condemnation. (christian is in lower case not as a slight to Christ but because I do not believe that a true follower of Christ could be so harsh) As a firm believer in "relational evangelism" I am grateful to have this experience.

I think the thing I value most from this series is the reassurance that I am only where I am right now thanks to the grace of God. He has led me here. This is comforting because where I am in my life path is uncertain and would be frightening without sure knowledge that God is with me. Drop me a line if you find yourself in a similar situation. I'll be glad to share how He has hepled me.

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