12 February 2005


Last night I was with my favorite little girls again. We spent the first part of the evening making cookies. After watching a bit of video and reading several stories, we were getting everyone ready for bed. This involves making sure all the tiny pearly white teeth were well cleaned from the cookies sampled when they came out of the oven.

Only one girl can fit on the step stool at a time so we were taking turns brushing teeth. Julia was waiting for her chance at the sink and serenading us with all of her favorite tunes. I was helping her sister when I heard her voice changing. I look back to see her leaning over the toilet and singing her heart out.

I tried not to laugh and told her we don't sing over the toilet. She asked "Why don't we sing into the toilet? It sounds real good and loud." I explained that the shape of the bowl made for good acoustics. I then explained acoustics. I admitted the sound might be better focused but that as a general rule singing into the toilet is not something usually done.

Someday when she is a huge recording star I will remind her of her first "studio".

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