13 May 2004

Rejected again

I ended up spending the day at home. A migraine came to visit yesterday and has decided to hang around and see how bad it can get without actually killing me. This one is a determined little bugger, but then so am I.

I have been checking out the Pillsbury Bake-Off site to see if I had made it to the finals with my Egg Nog Custard Pie recipe. I have entered a recipe every year for the last 7 years. I didn't have high expectations for this year's entry so it's failure is no great surprise. In order to be eligible for the contest you must use one of the products they manufacture. I changed my recipe to accommodate their ready made crust.

Now I believe the success of a pie is largely due to the tastiness of the crust. I make the best crust you will ever wrap your lips around. No false pride, just the truth told to me by many. The ready made are better than greasy cardboard by only a small margin. Consequently the judges did not get to taste my pie as it should taste.

On a brighter note I had made a strawberry coffee cake earlier this week to take to two different meetings. At both places it was well received. One man even told me it was the best thing he had ever put in his mouth.

It's a good thing I bake for my own enjoyment and am not swayed by the opinion of others. Because I am either a spectacular cook or a lousy one. I know I am good at it, but I do it because it is fun. The best reason to do anything .

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