26 May 2004

Day full of things

Little Mermaid Posted by Hello

This is how I ended a long day. I was able to visit my favorite little girls in swim lessons. As Mom and Dad have to acompany the twins during their lesson, no one has been able to get any pictures. I was able to get a few great shots. This gal has really made progress and is diving in the water every chance she gets. I love watching her tackle new tasks. She has a real longing to learn.

I finally finished a long project at the current job du jour. There was great rejoicing in the office as a database was declared complete. On to other tasks now.

Still trying to find a regular job and some steady employment. Temp-ing is not the most comfortable of ways to try to support oneself. I am glad I have been able to use my skills to find work needed to pay the bills.

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