09 February 2009

My kitty is not doing so well...

I got a call Friday night from one of my favorite little girls. We had spent the afternoon together the day before and had talked about how her kitty cat was probably not going to be with us for much longer. She was calling to let me know what was happening. I answered my phone and she said "nené, my kitty isn't doing so well, he passed away." I was torn in two that moment. My heart felt so much for the loss of her furry friend, but part of me had to work to reign in a chuckle at her phrasing. As I worked to reassure her that we never really lose those we love, I kept thinking how many things in life bring a duality with them.

Right now I am really struggling with pain and impaired movement. Yet these same things have brought blessings as well. So many have reached out to show their love and given me words of compassion and encouragement. Even being stuck in bed has brought blessing. Nothing like being able to do nothing to make sure your heart is settled and to feel God's love flooding your soul. So RA brings both hardship and blessing. I pray I remain open enough to always see the duality and appreciate the gifts difficult times bring.

Grateful to have both sides of the coin,


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