30 May 2008

Changing week

There is nothing like living in the middle of a remodel. Right now the store is undergoing a floor to ceiling remodeling job. Loud noise levels, lots of dust, paint fumes and things constantly moving are the norms for the days. All of this has kind of brought home the fact that in the last month I have had many changes in my life.

It made me think of something I heard once for which I have no source;

Change is inevitable, but growth is intentional.

All of us are always having changes of many types in our lives. Choosing to seek growth from those changes is a personal response. I am finding the freedom of living alone is a great growth factor. I had a friend stop by on her way home from work tonight and we spent an hour together catching up and encouraging one another. I have already had two different occasions for people to spend the night. One middle of the night consoling session. Friends and fellowship over dinner one night. A new neighbor came for conversation and homemade pudding. My small group of dedicated prayers came and sat on the various boxes that first week so we could bless my home and all who will find their way here.

I had felt it difficult to grow in my previous circumstances. There is only myself to blame for that. I had placed myself on a very fine line of wanting to grow but not wanting to rock the boat. Choosing to seek to grow and not just deal with life's changes is the best thing I can do for myself. I am finding it easier to be me again and I am sorry it took so long for me to realize just what I needed to do to put myself here.

Looking forward to all the changes in me that growth gifts,


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