18 May 2008

here and there

All the boxes are gone, now it's just a matter of getting things hung on the wall and settling a resting place for everything in the closet and under the bed. I am working on deciding what is best at an upper level and what will I use the most often so it can go at a lower level.

I had Saturday off again so I could attend a dance recital with my favorite little girls in Houston. It's been a real treat to watch their progress over the years. From the first shuffling of feet to the all out dance moves of yesterday.

I went over later to spend the evening with them and the conversation ranged from bobbing kittens to original sin. I can't exactly tell you how that happened, the mental convolutions alone wore me out.

At our sharing time Julia said she was going to try to be a better girl. Her older sister pointed out I had taught her you either do or don't, there is no try. (Yes I stole that from Yoda) Meredith chimed in that the only things you try are new foods and shoes. Julia reiterated she just meant she hoped to do better this week. We all decided that was a grand idea. Sara said if she prayed more often during the day it would probably help. Meredith added it didn't matter how many times you prayed if you didn't mean it. Fearing another deep theological discussion to forestall bedtime I was finally able to get everyone back on track. We thanked God for the day and asked for His blessings for the next.

All in all it was a superb day.

Still meeting new neighbors and we are moving from the "smiling as we get in the car" phase to the "come sit on the front stoop and chat". I spent some time today with an older gentleman named Paul. He has a lifetime of stories to tell and invited me to drop by again any time. Now that I am back to using the laundry room I get to see a regular crowd of ladies and we are becoming quite close. Well, when you converse as you fold underwear conversation can get personal.

Enjoying God's gift of new people in my life,


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