22 May 2008

Candy Holidays

Did you know tomorrow is National Taffy Day? I must confess it slipped up on me and caught me by surprise. I don't have any decorations up and not a piece of taffy in the house. I guess I'll have to wait for the next candy holiday to roll around.

According to the National Confectioner's Association I'll have to wait until June. That is National Candy Month with Fudge day thrown in on the 16th for good measure. Since my birth was in June maybe that is why I have a sweet tooth.

All kidding aside, and knowing it is only a marketing ploy, why do so many people feel the need to add drama to their lives. I sat down to dinner tonight with a friend who had had a rough day. He works with a woman who will manufacture problems in her life when none are there. We were talking about the situation and he wondered why anyone would place so much "busyness" in her life. I said that sometimes people use life situations to avoid life itself. You know; someone who will create a problem so they don't have to deal with what is really wrong in their life. He asked why would someone who knows Jesus do this. I replied that some people only know of Jesus and don't know Jesus. There is a real difference and it shows in how you live your life.

I think I'll save up all my excitement for National Chocolate Day on July 7th!


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