26 May 2008

Little Visitors

Last night was the first time for my favorite Burpeau gals to come and spend the night in the new digs. They came late in the evening and inspected all the nooks and crannies. Each had their own opinion but decided I had done alright with the decorating. Or as one put it "I think this is the best you can do with what you have." We watched the Disney version of Robin Hood and had foot massages.

The movie sparked debate on the best way to be a King. Meredith said if she was Queen everyone would get paid enough at the job to have everything they wanted and nobody would have to pay taxes. I told her I didn't think that was an achievable goal outside of Heaven.

The two younger girls went with me to church this morning. As I knew we would be having communion and was uncertain of their knowledge of the same, we had a discussion in the car of The Last Supper and how it relates to the observance of the Lord's table. Julia wanted to know how Jesus knew it was going to be His last supper and Meredith wanted to know if it was really blood in the cup.

The above is the post I was working on last night when I received a call from my sister. I stopped right where I was to hear the dreadful news that my niece was missing. She just took a couple of moments to pass along a few facts and then needed to make other calls. As the news slowly made it's way from my head to my heart I began frantically praying. Needing to feel like I was doing something to help I started calling my prayer buddies to get them on the job. We each took a moment to pray together and then I prayed on my own.

My niece has always been a thoughtful responsible young lady, but in this instance I was praying and hoping that her situation was the result of a supremely stupid decision and not something more sinister. I asked God to give her His wisdom as it seemed she had abandoned hers. I am relieved to report that after a nerve racking time I learned that she was O.K. I don't have all the details nor do I need them. I am just happy to state she is well. I will continue to pray for her as I pray for all of my family members daily. I pray she will learn what she needs to from the situation and she will seek God's wisdom in the future.

Grateful for answered prayer,


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