24 April 2004

Week in review

The good news is I had work for the whole week. The bad news is that it was so tiring I just couldn't seem to find energy to do much more than collapse each night.

I occupied my days sorting through thousands of pieces of paperwork creating an index database. It still isn't finished so I'll be returning next week.

I spent last night with my favorite little girls again. We played hard and they hammed it up when I brought the camera out. We popped corn on the stove top in a pan with a glass lid in order to catch all of the popping action. The entire event was accompanied by singing a popcorn song.

After the younger ones went to bed we watched the last half of the Easter Carol by Veggie Tales . At one point when the movie was quiet this sweet little girl blurted out " Jesus Christ." I waited a moment and then turned and asked "what about Jesus?" She replied "He died for us you know."

I had noticed that in saying bedtime prayers with her sisters earlier she had mentioned how sorry she was He had to die. When it was time for her to go to bed she said " I am sorry you had to die and I really believe in you." After her prayer I kissed her goodnight while fighting back happy tears. She noticed my eyes were watery and told me not to be sad about Jesus dying because He had come back to life.

The perfect ending to a very busy week.

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